Top 10 Valorant Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Valorant Tips and Tricks

Valorant is gaining a lot of popularity among gamers all over the globe. The 5v5 tactical shooter requires precise aim along with some good game sense to show up as a better player. Players who have previously played games like CS: GO are able to grasp good hold in the early stages of Valorant. As we know, Valorant has a similar shooting mechanism as CSGO.

However, for other players who are totally beginners or new to this game and haven’t played competitive shooter games, this could be a bit challenging for them. Moreover, working on your fundamentals like aim and movement are the main pillars of your overall gameplay.

Therefore, we are going to share some of the best valorant tips and tricks that will help you to improve gameplay significantly. Many factors incorporate your performance in games. The aim, movement, decision making, and awareness are the basic building blocks you need to focus on initially.

One of the major factors which makes a skilled player outshine his opponents is Aim. Your aim plays a vital role during the game, as knocking down your enemies ultimately leaves you in a good spot.

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1. How to Improve Aim in Valorant ?

Firstly, we will start our things with some practices which will not only improve your aim but also helps you to develop your muscle memory.

Valorant Loading Screen

Having a good aim is all about training your muscle memory so that your brain retains a progressive pattern. By that, your response time will gradually get better and quick.

Here are some of the valorant tips and tricks that you should add up to have an accurate aim in your daily routine.

1. Deathmatch before Ranked games

There’s no doubt that deathmatches are the best way to warm up before entering into ranked matches. Try to get headshots during deathmatches as you will develop a good habit of training your brain before matches.

Make sure to devote at least 15 mins to deathmatch in order to check whether your aim is on point or not. This will surely help you in competitive matches as you will be confident enough while shooting.

2. Practice on Aim Lab

Apart of deathmatches, you can train your aim by 3rd party aim trainers like Aim lab. They are great for working on your muscle memory as it offers various modes like grid shot, motion shot and many more.

Aim Lab

Besides, this will enhance your tracking speed on targets and reflexes a lot quicker. All you need to do is set your in-game sensitivity, which has a list of all the popular games. So, you don’t have to convert your sensitivity for every game.

Analyze your results and see where you need to work on yourself. You can download Aim lab from the steam store.

3. Crosshair placement

Another important factor for a crisp aim is crosshair placement. Always pre aim your crosshair for the head level in every situation. For a good crosshair placement, it’s necessary to have good map knowledge. Move around while pre aiming the common spots where the enemy is likely to take a position.

Crosshair Placement Valorant

However, you must have seen professional players even pre-firing some common spots when they anticipate their positions.

So, how crosshair placement actually helps?

It will increase your chances of hitting shots early than your opponent as you won’t have to drag your aim much or flick your mouse to track the target.

4. Turn off Enhance Pointer Precision

Enhance pointer precision provides your mouse an acceleration that is useful for navigating your cursor anywhere on the screen smoothly, even with low DPI.

However, this feature is not useful for gaming. In other words, turning off this feature would help you to develop your aim, and muscle memory as your hand movement will register exactly the same pixels on-screen, which means there will be no extra acceleration.

Mouse Setting to improve aim in valorant

In conclusion, your aim would be directly proportional to your hand movement. This will help you to maintain a more accurate and precise aim while playing.

Follow these steps to turn-off your mouse acceleration:

  • Search for Mouse setting in windows search bar.
  • Open the settings section and click on Additional mouse settings.
  • Navigate to pointers option in mouse properties.
  • Untick the box of Enhance pointer precision and you’ll be good to go.

5. Check your sensitivity

Stick to your own mouse and in-game sensitivity in which you are comfortable. Make sure not to have neither too low nor high sensitivity.

Changing your sensitivity frequently is not a good idea as adapting to new settings takes time to settle your aim and could probably make things worse.

Therefore, sticking to your own sensitivity, which seems ideal for you, is the best bet. You can test your sensitivity on the shooting range by practicing with bots.

These basic yet so effective Valorant tips and tricks will definitely help you to take your game to the next level. Now let’s move into the gameplay and movement part.

2. Turn off Minimap Centred

Watching minimap during the game is a good practice as you will have a good idea of what’s happening throughout the map.

Valorant Map settings

Turning off minimap centered in settings will allow you to see the full miniscreen’s map and have all the information.

3. Stop Run and Gun in Valoran

Valorant shooting mechanism is quite different from Call of duty and Apex legends, where you can shoot enemies while running with full accuracy.

However, in valorant, if you shoot while holding the W key, the bullets won’t hit the target as they will spread out randomly.

You should always shoot while standing or crouching as your bullets would be on target. Instead of using W and S too much, get a habit of counter strafing and use the A and D movement more frequently while moving.

4. Don’t Force Buy every Round

This happens mostly in lower ranks where players force buys every single round even after losing consecutive rounds. This results in plating with SMG’s or shotguns against rifles like Vandal or phantom.

Valorant Buy menu

Make sure to at least have $4000 for your next round for a full buy along with armor. Otherwise, playing around with just pistols to build up your economy for later rounds is the solution.

However, it’s true sometimes force buys really turn out to be huge, especially in do-or-die situations. But, make sure to keep your team’s economy in check and prevent partial buys every round.

5. One way smokes in valorant

Valorant meta is changing as players discover new techniques to attain the upper hand against their opponents. One way smokes are basically the lineups of smoke so you can contact the enemy first without letting them see you.

Agents like Omen, Viper, Cypher, and brimstone have the ability to smoke areas in such a fashion that you can spot the enemy’s foot first and start shooting. This trick also scares off the enemy to peek into a corner.

For instance, you can learn more about one way smokes of every agent in this tutorial. These valorant tips and tricks are beneficial to surprise your enemies.

6. Agent Selection in Valorant

A good balance of Duelist, Initiators, and sentinels is vital for any team. If you are playing solo or with friends, make sure to select agents with good synergy with other agents.

Agents in Valorant

This means there’s no point in having too many sentinels or duelists in a team. Every agent has its own role and abilities for attacking and defending.

Choose agents according to your playstyle, whether you like to play aggressively or as a support player. Here is a list of the best agents in valorant.

7. Wall bang Spots

Valorant Phantom gun

There are numerous spots where bullets can penetrate through walls and objects. Vandal, Phantom, Sheriff, Ares, and Odin are some of the best weapons in valorant to shoot your enemies through walls.

Make yourself familiar with these spots where you can spray down enemies through objects and surfaces.

8. Burst fire while Shooting

New players often make the mistake of committing a full mag of spray while shooting the enemy. Spraying is only good for sporadical situations when there is a lineup of enemies.

It becomes harder to control the spray pattern and trace the bullets on target.

Otherwise, always prefer burst firing in most situations as it not only gives you time to readjust your spray, but it’s easy to recover the recoil of heavy rifles if you miss the initial bullets.

You can also go for tap firing with high caliber weapons like vandal and phantom.

9. Callouts during Matches

Valorant Minimap

Callouts are crucial for your team to communicate efficiently during the game. Knowing all names of common spots on the map is a must to coordinate and pass information to your teammates.

Using Comms regularly makes you a better team player, until and unless you don’t end up matchmaking in a toxic lobby. However, It’s up to us to make this community peaceful and clean for everyone.

10. Crouch Shooting

Shooting enemies from long range and controlling recoil to the target is gets hard sometimes. Crouch shooting makes it easier to shoot targets as it compensates the recoil to shoot targets accurately.

Players in higher rank matches often maintain their crosshair on the head level. Therefore, shooting while crouching makes it tough to re-adjust aim on the head level. As a result, you get a better chance of winning the gunfight.

Make sure not to overuse this technique in every situation especially fighting off with multiple enemies as it also makes you an easy target to shoot from your opponent’s point of view.

In conclusion, these Valorant tips and tricks might enhance your ranked match performance to achieve a greater rank. At last, using your aim and abilities correctly at the right time is the key to victory.

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  1. crouching only works against better players with good crosshair placement, at lower levels, where people aim for the body all your going to do is crouch in a headshot
    Another point is peeking. You can peek close to the geometry if you have to challenge a sniper by wide peeking.
    In theory, you should have 2 players Peeking: the entry by wide peeking(close to the geometry) and the second which is close peeking (far from the geometry).
    As a support/sniper player, I may have more tips to provide on the role or utility like Sova’s useful arrows if some people want it
    Anyway, this is a great guide overall for the beginners and I may show it to my friends that are starting in Fps 🙂
    And most importantly, avoid walking peeking as much as you can.
    Thanks for the amazing content

    • Yes, you are absolutely right. I’ve been into low elo lobbies and crouch spraying doesn’t seem to work much. Although, in higher lobbies, this can be the right option to disrupt pre aiming spots for enemies. I would love to share your tips as a sniper for my readers if possible. Thanks a lot for the comment man. I really appreciate that. You got a great website, I’ll definitely share your articles with my readers. Sorry for the late reply !!


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