12 Best Games to Play While Listening to Music

Best Games to Play While Listening to Music

Video games can always synchronize very well with various music genres. Many times we immerse ourselves in chilling vibes of music while playing our favourite video games.

There have been days where we just feel like playing games that don’t require much attention or focus toward the objective. You would just wanna delve into the games with no objective but to chill and a playlist that sets the mood just right.

I still remember the days when I would just switch up my favourite Linkin Park playlist with one of the best racing games Need for Speed Most Wanted.

If that sounds like a fun time then we got you covered with a cool list of Video games for PC and Consoles that you would love to play while listening to your favourite music.

1. Minecraft


First, of our list, Minecraft and I know you won’t be surprised with this title on top of the list.

The seamless open world of Minecraft will let you set your own pace whether you wanna explore the low poly landscapes or build a massive structure from scratch.

Be it crafting, mining or just exploring, the music would just make the game a whole lot better.

2. Forza Horizon Series

Forza Horizon Gameplay

Cruise through the open-world landscapes of Europe with your favourite tunes in Forza Horizon.

The game franchise is currently the most beloved racing game of all time.

Make every race an unforgettable journey with burning rubbers of electrifying cars with your favourite music playlist that perfectly compliments the thrilling adventure.

3. Rocket League

Rocket League

Not many competitive games would be considered fun to play with music but Rocket League is here to fuel up your gaming experience with fusion soccer and powered cars.

The fast-paced matches, acrobatic aerials, and competitive spirit meld seamlessly with your playlist, creating a symphony of action and beats. The game is perfect for high-octane fun with your tunes.

4. Snowrunner


Brace yourself for a long off-road journey through treacherous terrains and extreme weather conditions with the toughest road vehicles.

As you navigate through thick mud, deep snow, and raging rivers, your tunes add an extra layer of immersion, turning the challenging task of hauling cargo into an adventure backed by your favourite melodies.

5. Warframe


Slice through enemies with your blade and unleash the true ninja within you in a gripping intense battle.

Oh and did we mention Warframe is free to play that makes it an ideal game for your favourite music. The close-quarter hack and slash, parkour stunts, and futuristic combat scenarios sync perfectly with your music tracks making it an action-packed cinematic experience.

6. Steep


Talking about high-adrenaline sports, Steep would be the first game to come to mind. Conquer the world’s most breathtaking mountain slopes with gravity-defying tricks in majestic landscapes.

The acrobatic stunts and jumps turn the perfect backdrop for your music.

7. Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley

Throw away all your hustle and bustle of everyday life with the most relaxing farming simulator you’ve ever played.

What really makes Stardew Valley stands out from other farming simulator is its relaxed pace where you can let your playlist set the mood in a world where you can grow crops, raise animals, mine for treasures, and even build relationships with the town’s inhabitants.

8. Skate 3

Skate 3

A must-play video game while listening to music for all skateboarding fans as Skate 3 realistic physics and creativity make it a fantastic game to pop with your tunes.

Hit the streets, parks and plazas to perform jaw-dropping stunts or nail a perfect kickflip while listening to your favourite soundtracks. Skate 2 & 3 is for sure one of the most underrated video games to play while listening to music.

9. Portal 2

Portal 2

Portal 2 never gets old and why not it’s still one of the most creative puzzle games ever made. Play it hindered of times but the game still has something to offer with its tons of creative ways to play with a humorous storyline.

The music just acts as a catalyst for the game to make your whole gaming experience more enjoyable.

10. Mirror’s Edge

Mirror's Edge

Gear up for an exhilarating parkour experience as you jump through the city’s rooftops while your music syncs perfectly with your playlist.

The gameplay focuses on momentum and agility, and you’ll find yourself performing daring leaps, wall runs, and slides to reach your objectives.

11. Tetris


Tetris is a classic puzzle game that pairs exceptionally well with your music. Its simple yet addictive gameplay involves fitting falling blocks into neat rows to clear them.

The rhythmic nature of the game makes it a perfect match for your favourite tunes

12. No Man’s Sky

No Man's Sky

Last but not least, No Man’s Sky is like one of the space adventure video games to play while listening to music where you explore different planets and galaxies.

Moreover, You can listen to your favourite music while you fly through space, discover new things, and meet alien creatures.

It’s like your own personal space journey set to the beats of your favourite songs.

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