Among Us: 11 Best Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Among Us tips and tricks

Among Us has quickly made its way to top downloads in Play Store. Initially, the game wasn’t much anticipated. Whether you are a pro or beginner, these Among Us tips and tricks will help you increase the winning percentage as an imposter and innocent.

Meanwhile, during the pandemic, this game gained popularity and hype among streamers and content creators. Players all over the world are spending tons of hours with their friends.

Let’s get started with our 10 best tips and tricks to be a better player.

1. Do your Alignment task Faster

In the map skeld, there a task named Engine Alignment, where you need to align upper and lower engines by aligning the navigation to center. Although it’s a two-way task where you need to do this twice.

However, you can complete this task in a single step. All you need to do is tap on the navigation button right after adjusting the alignment to center.

Voila! Your task is complete in just 1 step, which might save your time for doing other tasks.

2. Get a Blank Name in Among Us

Among us Invisible Name

This trick might not be fair to your squad. But, having a blank name can save you sometimes in-game, especially when you are an imposter.

The invisible name helps you hide in secret spots as there won’t be any name showing at the top of your character. You can even sometimes sneak away by killing, and there’s a chance that nobody will recognize you.

These are the following steps to get an invisible or blank name for your character :

  • Copy this blank space between the quotation. “ㅤ”
  • Make sure not to copy the quotation marks.
  • Open the game and paste the Unicode into the name text field.
  • Join any game, and you can see your character without a name.

3. Watch out for the Fake tasks

This tip is a simple one yet so effective. When you are playing as a crewmate, always watch what task other players are doing. There are many ways by which you can suspect players for doing fake tasks.

Make sure the bar increses when crewmates are performing task. If not, then there’s a high chance they are they are faking it.

Note : Due to some glitches, sometimes bar does’nt increases. Along with that, there are many two steps tasks where bar increases only when both steps are done. So, don’t just blindly kick anyone out with this trick.

Next, you should know the time duration a task takes. For example, Shields task gets completed in less than 5 sec and if a crewmate is taking so long to perform the task. They are most likely to fake it.

Some tasks are common that are given to every crewmate. So, beware of what everyone is doing, and you can always call an emergency meeting for suspects.

4. Catch Imposter from Admin Room

Many players don’t realize how crucial the admin room could be while gaining information. The Admin monitor shows you the location of players.

If you see 2 players sign in the same room and the player icon blinks, which means somebody just got killed. Right after that, whoever reports the body is surely an Imposter.

Else, you can reach out to that place where you saw the blink and see who else is nearby the body. Moreover, be ready to prove your innocence as imposters might try to plot you for that kill.

5. Skipping the Animation

You can skip the animation screen by tapping on the screen. This will give you a headstart to go far away from the spawn area earlier.

For imposters, you can take an initial position to kill crewmates, and nobody will be able to guess your position.

When you get killed by an imposter, you can quickly skip the death animation in order to do perform your task early while in ghosts.

Note : All the tips and tricks are applicable on mobile and pc version as well.

6. Sabotage with Timing

While playing as an imposter, sabotaging is a great way to kill a crewmate or to create a diversion for Everyone. Cutting of the lights is the best way to kill anyone because of the crewmate’s low vision.

If you have killed an enemy on the right side of the map, sabotage anywhere on the left side to distract the crewmates so that they won’t report the body right away.

When the taskbar is about to get completed, sabotaging comms is the best possible way to delay the tasks as it cuts off the crewmate’s pending tasks until someone fixes the comms.

7. know all the Hiding Spots

There are plenty of hiding spots on every map where you won’t be visible to other crewmates. This could be beneficial in many ways.

You can hide in some spots right after finishing off or killing someone, and you won’t get caught by other crewmates. These tips and tricks will increase your chances for stealth kills.

8. Medbay Scan Check

You can identify whether the crewmate is faking a task or not even when visual tasks are off. Once you see crewmates performing a body scan and you are also having that task.

Just click on the scan button and it will ask you to hold on while another scan is going on which means the crewmate is actually doing it.

In this way you can ensure that the crewmate is not an imposter.

9. Security Camera Locations

Many newcomers do ‘not know the locations of security cameras in among us. The camera shows a grid of 4 locations. If the camera light is red, that means somebody is watching you.

The Security camera covers the following locations :

  1. The first one covers the outside area of O2 and Navigation.
  2. Second one is the Entrance to the Admin room.
  3. The third one is the ally of the Med bay area on the upper map.
  4. The last one is the middle ally of the reactor and security area.

10. Checking on the Vitals

Among us Vitals check

In the map polus, you can check the vitals of crewmates from the office room. If you are noticing the vitals for a while and suddenly, a crewmate’s vitals go off.

The one who reported the body right away is likely to be an imposter as a self report.

You can also check these vitals if you don’t want to waste your emergency meeting to check if somebody is finished off.

11. Starting Reactor Task

Among us tips and tricks

The starting reactor task is one of the longest task in the game. Some players find it difficult to memorize the pattern and they end up performing that again.

Here’s a trick for this, just cancel the task in the middle and then start it again. You will the task is continuing exactly where you left off.

This will help you to mesmerize the pattern again so that you can easily perform it.

All these tips and tricks will surely help to improve your gameplay and winning ratio.

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