How to Remove Stickers from Laptop?

How to Remove Stickers from Laptop

Stickers are perfect for personalizing your laptop looks. Be it any decals or vinyl stickers. They can surely enhance any gaming or ordinary laptop’s overall design. But, sometimes, for some reason, we might come across a situation where we need to remove these stickers completely.

The major concern all of us are having is what if we end up damaging our laptop’s body while removing them?

Well, don’t worry about that because we are here to show you the safest yet most reliable way to remove stickers from the laptop without leaving any scratches or residue behind.

Things required to take off the stickers

Here are some things that you need in order to get rid of the stickers from anywhere on your laptop. This method works for all laptops, including MacBooks also.

Hair Dryer to remove Sticker
  • Hair Dryer
  • A sharp object
  • Liquid thinner or any solvent like vinegar

Follow these steps to successfully to take out any kind of stickers from your laptop:

Turn off your laptop: The hairdryer can increase the laptop’s temperature while running. Therefore, it is advised to perform this method after turning off your laptop.

Blowdry the sticker: Firstly, set your hair dryer to heat mode and start applying the heat over the stickers’ edges. Make sure to do that continuously for 30 seconds, which will ultimately heat up the glue.

Removing Stickers from Laptop

Peel off the Sticker: Once the area where the sticker is applied is heated properly. It will start to loosen up the glue. Slowly start to peel off the sticker from the edge using any sharp tool, or you can use your fingernail.

Once the sticker decals are removed completely, take a plain cloth, and gently rub the surface to clean off the leftover residue.

How to Remove Stickers Residue from Laptop?

There’s often a chance when some stickers leave residue on the laptop’s surface, and sometimes cleaning it off with a plain cloth doesn’t work at all.

For that, you can simply use any solvents like thinner ( Nail-polish remover) or vinegar to clean off the area without damaging the laptop’s body.

Pour some thinner over the area and gently rub it all over the residue area with a cloth. This will surely wipe out all the leftover residue without any hassle.

At last, there are other ways too for removing any kind of stickers. However, we think this way is a more suitable and handy method for anyone.

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