8 Video Games set in the Soviet Union

8 Video Games set in the Soviet Union

Many gamers have been fascinated with the games that take place in the World war setting. It kind of makes the game more connected for players to experience how things used to be back in the cold war era.

And if these kinds of game intrigues you then most likely you must be wondering about video games set in the Soviet Union era to play on your PC or Console. Therefore, we are back with a list of games that takes place in the USSR countries such as Russia and many more.

The below-mentioned games may not be depicting the real incidents or events but the whole themes are somewhat resembling those places set in either modern or dystopian worlds.

1. Metro Series

Metro 2033 Gameplay

Metro Series featuring all the 3 installments Metro 2033, last light & Exodus is still one of the most renowned survival horror games within its genre.

The game takes place in the post-apocalyptic theme of Russia being devastated by vicious mutant creatures spread all across the city of Moscow.

You and the leftover survivors made their way to the subway in order to survive as the whole land is crippled down with poisonous fumes. The whole story takes unexpected turns of events where you are the only hope for the survival of mankind.

2. Papers Please

Papers Please game

As the name says Papers Please is a simulation cum puzzle game where you play as a patrol officer in the immigration department of Grestin Border. A fictional communist country that just fought a war with its neighbouring country is now looking for immigrants to acquire the working class.

Your job comes into play when many people looking to immigrate to your country and you are responsible to check the documents of immigrants.

However, there are people disgusted as thieves, criminals and terrorists who are looking to enter your country. It’s your decision whether you let them enter through the borders or not while examining their documents.

The game becomes more and more challenging as your progress through the game. Witnessing new situations and scenarios where your memory, decision making and reaction time play a vital role.

3. Metal Gear Solid 3

Metal Gear Solid 3

Metal Gear Solid 3 may not be the best game in terms of graphics nowadays but the story of this game remains to be prominent.

Taking place in the cold war, you are assigned a deep secret operation to obtain the intel for nuclear weapons in the country of Tajikistan sprawled with enemies.

Make your way through the enemy territory all by yourself in stealth mode while engaging in close-quarters combat, interrogating, climbing, hunting and much more.

4. Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic

Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic game

A tycoon city builder theme game set place in the Soviet era. Build everything from the scratch, gather resources and establish manufacturing goods and industries to keep the economy going.

It’s all up to you how you want to plan out things to make a sustainable city and keep the economy thriving.

The game does resemble quite a lot of games like Simcity and skylines but the learning curve alongside the difficulty of this game is quite distant.

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5. Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl

Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl

An FPS shooter with a theme set in the abandoned zone of Chornobyl. What else could we ever ask from a Survival game?

Stalker should be your top choice if you are into exploring areas ruined by a massive disaster, jumping into gunfights, killing mutants, and gathering resources in order to survive.

The whole atmosphere is designed perfectly to experience the Soviet Union era and the feeling of being alone in an abandoned open world will provide you with an absolutely thrilling experience.

6. Atom RPG

Atom RPG gameplay

Next up, a game inspired by the Fallout series, Atom RPG shares a similar wasteland theme of Russia during the Soviet Union period.

While the game may not be everyone’s cup of tea, someone who’s into CRPG ( Computer Roleplaying Games) or loves the Fallout series.

You simply gonna enjoy playing Atom RPG as the game features elements such as detailed characters, unique dialogues and turn-based combat for immersive gameplay.

7. Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart

A dark-themed futuristic action RPG shooter, Atomic heart settles into a dystopian world of the futuristic fictional era of the Soviet Union. Highlighting the time period of World war 2 in a world where robots have taken over the world by storm.

Humanity is completely collapsed with advanced robots and mutants and they are not hunting down their own creators.

Prepare for a bloodbath as you take the war against them while leveraging the powerful firearms as weapons of mass destruction to derail their existence.

The graphics feature some of the very best realistic details and atmospheres combined with nerve-wracking gameplay.

8. Singularity


Last on our list, Singularity is another underrated FPS shooter of its time. Travel in past and future as the game takes place in present times and an alternate history of 1950s Russia.

Nonetheless, the game features a solid storyline with engaging combat with attention to detail making it a really amazing FPS shooter.

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