5 Perfect Agents for Breeze Map | Valorant

Valorant’s newest map breeze is the most extensive map currently in the map pool. Set up on an island sprawled with favelas and towers with an enormous amount of area covered. The map is quite overwhelming for many players because of its complex paths and sites.

Here are the top 5 agents that are effective on map breeze.

To play in big maps like breeze, your team always needs to confident about picking up the right agent. The map is heavily going to be dominated by the controllers and duelists.


We will see a considerable pick rate of Astra in this map. Professional valorant teams are also favoring Astra in the meta because of her ability to deploy 5 smokes altogether in a single go.

Asta is perfect for large maps where smokes can cover off multiple angles at once. Not just that, she has that versatile edge over agents like brimstone and omen.

There’s a lot of variations you can perform with Astra by her gravity pull and concussing.


Your is going to be a top pick for the breeze map. Thanks to the wide-open map, which not only allows him to lurk on the areas unnoticed. Your’s gatecrash ability is quite viable to take out the enemies by the element of surprise.

Besides, you can always come up with amazing plays with his fake-out abilities and blindside to catch enemies off guard. For maps like a breeze, yoru is more suitable for lurking duelist roles.

Not just that, we can’t neglect the fact that yoru’s ultimate is also beneficial for gathering information and positioning of enemies.


As the map will be heavily be favoring controllers section. Jett still remains the best pick to go with a duelist that can cover up tight spaces and angles with her abilities.

Alongside the operator with Jett makes it a perfect gear due to long-range gunfights. Jett can pretty much adapt to all the situations and break down the defenses of enemies.

Therefore, Jett’s high mobility remains valuable for fast executions on sites.

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Recently viper has received some massive buffs by riot. Earlier, viper wasn’t the top choice for players, but after increasing the damage of viper’s wall and poison orb significantly, we are likely to see a high pick rate in ranked matches.

Talking about breeze, the map is most suitable for viper to embark on its full potential. Her wall and poison orb can easily replace smoke lineups as the toxic screen can almost cut the sites in half. As a result, your teammates won’t have to worry about clearing out many angles.

Hence, viper certainly a must to have in every team among the controller agents for breeze map.


Many players will prefer Skye as an initiator for this map because of her ability to gather information and set up flashes for teammates in any complex area of the map.

What really makes her the best initiator among the agents for breeze map? As sova and breeze will have a tough time on this map because sova’s recon dart might not be able to track down enemies in tight corners and spots.

In many teams, Skye will be showing up in the main meta for the breeze map. It’s pretty clear that Skye has a high skill ceiling for new players. Besides, if played correctly, Skye can perform executions into sites quite smoothly.

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