Why do Video Games get Boring as you get Older?

Growing up playing video games, nothing will ever replace the good old memories of your childhood gaming days. In fact, those days used to be so indulging that you could just end up playing your favourite video games for long hours and still wanting to play more.

Be it playing classic NES games or exclusives like God of war, Halo series, Gears of War and many more.

Little did we all know, as we grow up we may find ourselves getting bored while playing video games. Sometimes, even just questioning why I get bored of video games so easily.

Well, you aren’t the only one alone on the boat because a lot of gamers feel the same way as you do whereas playing video games feel boring as you get older.

Eventually, we all end up questioning ourselves about what could be the reason behind the lack of interest in video games.

To break down this thing in a nutshell, there are could be plenty of reasons such as declined quality of game releases or lack of interest but most likely you’ll find yourself resonating with at least one of the below-mentioned causes.

Releasing Unfinished Games

Anthem Game

It’s incredible to see how new technologies are paving their way in the gaming industry such as Nvidia’s DLSS to achieve a greater quality of graphics in next-gen games. However, that doesn’t come in handy for the gaming giants in our industry to release a new game without any bugs or glitches along with prior testing.

Back in the day, we had some of the greatest games launching on day one without any DLC or major bugs that wouldn’t ruin our gaming experience.

Nowadays, we could barely see a game released with polished content on the launch date. Games like Cyberpunk, Halo Infinite and many more are a few examples falling into this category.

On top of that waiting around for months to get a fixed patch is just lacklustre from a gamer’s perspective.

Companies Focusing More on Profits

Gaming Industry

Tracking back to the early 20s, video game developers used to release games completely out of their passion while neglecting the fact of how they are going to make profits.

New multiplayer games have certainly changed the way competitive and MOBA games work by implementing additional buy-on, skins and other pay-to-win elements that utterly ravage one’s interest in games.

Not to mention, the increased cost of AAA titles that aren’t considered affordable for customers, especially the ones who’s just causally looking to play some games in their free time.

The Dopamine Kick is Not There

Why do Video Games get Boring as you get Older

Dopamine plays a crucial role in doing things that we love. In other words, dopamine acts as a motivating behaviour whenever we enjoy playing games.

Matter of fact, you might have also noticed playing video games doesn’t excite you as much as it used to when you were a kid. And a big reason for that being is our dopamine levels tend to decline as we get older.

Therefore, we just don’t get the same kick or interest to hop onto our gaming PC or console.

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Your Interest Changes Over Time

Why do Video Games get Boring as you get Older

A quite natural phenomenon is that our interests and hobbies change drastically as we get out to explore the world.

I still remember my childhood days when I would just throw away my school bag. While rushing into the room to grab my Xbox controller and inviting all my friends to play our favourite Party games together.

As time passes by I barely see any of my childhood friends who used to spend tons of hours playing video games indulged in various other hobbies which is completely normal for anyone of us.

Prioritizing Your Work and Lifestyle

Why do Video Games get Boring as you get Older

Well, most of us probably be relating to this point. As we grow up, our priorities take a steady shift from getting into jobs or working towards your side hustle.

Moreover, we become more responsible towards our work life and family. As a result, taking time out for games becomes more and more daunting.

And even if we manage to take some time out to play, everything else going out in our lives keeps on revolving in our heads while playing games.

All those things incorporated together make it hard for us to purely have joy by playing our favourite video games.

The Nostalgic Factor is No More There

Playing Video Games Nintendo

Lastly, as a child, it’s much easier to become immersed in games and feel a part of them. Those games could just describe our whole childhood with so many nostalgic memories.

Many gamers find it difficult to connect back exactly the same way with modern games. Moreover, video games have become increasingly made by focus groups and algorithms to target majorly the younger generation.

As an outcome, we caught ourselves reminiscing the good old days when games such as GTA, Witcher 3, Skyrim and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 have raised the bar so high that is unmatched by current generation games.


Overall, the whole point is there isn’t just one reason for you to feel disconnected from games. So, next time if you end up thinking are video really games getting boring? Either it could be just the newer games that you don’t find interesting. Or maybe you are just surrounded by other stuff around you that is eventually leading to exhaustion.

Consider taking a break for a while from video games can turn out to be a deal breaker for you in many aspects.

Alternatively, try out games from various genres other than streamlined genres to discover new games. That really helps to find out your untapped interest in other games.

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