RTX 2060 Overclock Settings | Crypto Mining

RTX 2060 Overclock Settings for Crypto Mining

Nvidia RTX 2060 is known for its efficiency in mining Ethereum, Raven, Ergo, and other coins. The card provides an almost similar hash rate to GTX 1660Ti and Super.

We would highly suggest miners to go after RTX 2060 or super if you are planning to build a mining rig of GTX 1660s.

The reason behind this is GTX 1660 super works well only for ethereum mining and after Ethereum 2.0, you may have to shift onto some other coins. It’s better to buy a GPU which will likely work on other algorithms as well.

Therefore, RTX 2060 Overclock settings tend to give better results for all the coins with the same price & power consumption of around 80W.

MSI Afterburner Optimal Settings for RTX 2060

RTX 2060 MSI Afterburner Overclock Settings

We are using TRex miner and the GPU is Zotac RTX 2060 AMP Edition.

The OC settings may perform slight differently depending upon the GPU brand and chipset. Below are the RTX 2060 Overclock settings on the MSI afterburner.

  • Core clock ( Locked) : 1300 Mhz
  • Memory clock: +800 Mhz
  • Power limit: 78%
  • Temp limit: 65° C
  • Fan Speed: 75%

How to UnderVolt your GPU?

You need to undervolt your GPU to minimize its power consumption and keep it under 80 Watts.

Otherwise, the default setting will run the card in around 120 watts.

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For undervolt, just click on the Curve Editor option.

Next, hold the Shift key + left mouse click and drag your mouse from right to left on the graph.

Once the graph is selected, hit Shift + Enter and click on any tiny square on the line.

Change the input value to 1300 and we are done. Make sure to create and save your OC profile.

RTX 2060 Hashrate | Ethereum, Raven & Ergo

The following are the Hashrate for Ethereum, Raven, and Ergo after configuring Overclock settings:

CoinAlgorithmHashrate ( Mh/s)
Ethereum (ETH)Ethash31 Mh/s
Raven (RVN)KawPow18 Mh/s
ERGO (ERG)Autolykos 263 Mh/s

Below are the statistics of RTX 2060 on TRex miner for ethereum mining.

You can attain a bit more hash rate with this card by pushing the OC settings.

However, we would highly recommend following the optimal settings as stressing out GPU to limits for just 1-2 extra hash rates is never worth it.

Always look out for long-term stability for your cards that will also result in negligible stale shares.

Ethereum mining on Trex
  • Hashrate: 31.xx Mh/s constant
  • Power: 78 W
  • Temperature: 45-47 C
  • Efficiency: 410 KH/W

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