5 Video Games Like Squid Game Series

Video Games Like Squid Game Series

Netflix’s popular series Squid Game is emerging all over the globe. What people really liked about the show is how unique and dark the theme is throughout the episodes. Those who have finished the show must have been wondering if they can play any video games similar to Squid Games.

With that being said, you can get your hands on a few game titles that follow a similar theme as Squid Game. At some point in these games, you can surely relate the notion in the gameplay.

Let’s quickly hop onto some video games like Squid Game:

1. Crab Game

Crab Game

Available on: Windows, macOS, Linux

A recently released game on steam, Crab game which is almost a copy of the trending series Squid game. The games follow an identical structure and direction where over 35 players will be playing mini-games in order to survive.

What really makes Crab games a bit different is there are various maps designed that you have not seen on the show. Moreover, you can get your hands on a variety of game modes and tons of maps to keep you engaged for hours.

It’s even more amusing to play with your friends in the same lobby. You may come across players teaming up with each other to push through the levels. But, what’s more, disturbing is most of the time you will end up in lobbies where players are literally just screaming at the top of their lungs. Well, you always have an option to mute the whole lobby. You can download the game for free on Steam Store.

2. We Happy Few

We happy Few game

Available on: PS4, Windows, Xbox One, Mac

If you are into dystopian worlds and thrillers at the same time, We happy few would be a great choice to play dark-theme games. The game is set in the retrofuturistic city of England where citizens are drug-addled inhabitants and want everyone to follow on the same trial.

You will play as a rebellious person who would want to escape from the wicked world where you will be forced to take the pill of joy. Otherwise, you will not be accepted as a part of society.

Moreover, in the Squid game where you are always encircled by the guards 24/7, We happy few also follows a similar direction where’s you can’t hide and there’s no going back from all this delusional world.

3. Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma

Zero Escape Zero Time dilemma

Available on: PS4, Windows, PS Vita & Nintendo 3DS

An adventure survival game where you are trapped in a facility with other players having black bracelets around everyone’s wrist. You must find a way to escape and figure out the mystery behind the whole chaos.

Similar to the Squid game where characters took their chances to kill each other for survival. Zero Escape also follows the notorious direction where players find themselves in dier strait situations.

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From solving puzzles to killing each other for their own fate and making tough decisions thought-out the storyline will keep you hooked in the game.

We would highly recommend you also try Zero Escape: The Nonary Games which is a predecessor of Zero Escape.

4. Fall Guys

Fall Guys

Available on: Windows, Nintendo Switch, PS4 & Xbox

While Fall Guys do not have the same thriller and intense theme as Squid Game, the game still follows a lookalike mini-games series where you compete with 60 players in a battle royale fashion.

Play a set of mini-games series and make it through every round to be the last man standing. Push away players and dash through the obstacles in an endless amount of fun and exhilarating experience.

5. Silly Royale – Devil Amongst Us

Silly World Squid Royale

Available on: IOS & Android

An online multiplayer game for mobile devices where you can play various game modes with up to 12 players. The developers recently launched a new game mode by the name of Squid Royale.

The mode features all the prominent game modes like tug of war, honeycomb, and red light green light inspired by the show itself. Customize your avatar, make new friends while playing with random players.

Although the game is not available on PC, you can still manage to play silly world by downloading Bluestacks and installing the app directly on windows.

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