9 Leading Superhero Games for Low-End PC

Superhero Games for Low-End PC

Hello Gamers, We are back with another amazing list of superhero games specially for our low-end PC gamers. Talking about games, we can never miss out on video games based on your favourite superhero movies and shows.

Therefore, we are here with some popular superhero games for low-end PC and laptops. Well, these games used to be so popular back in time as the list consists of games released long ago.

Nevertheless, they are still pretty fun to play until now too. The list follows the superheroes from the beloved Marvel to DC franchise.

Minimum System Requirements

Coming to the system requirements, you’ll be able to run any of these games on any PC or laptop having 1-4 GB of Ram.

Alongside, a processor low as Intel Pentium dual-core to i3 will get the job done. Majorly you won’t really feel the need for a graphic card as in-built graphics or Intel HD graphics can handle these games without any lag.

1. SpiderMan: Shattered Dimensions

SpiderMan Shattered Dimensions

One of the most beloved superheroes from the Marvel universe, spiderman is always on top of the list.

What’s unique about Spiderman’s shattered dimensions? You will get to play 4 different versions of spiderman.

If you have read any of the marvel comics before, you might have known the versions of spiderman showing up from the multiverse. Going through the story mode, there is plenty of action and combat all around the game.

You’ll come across all the villains from the movie such as Mysterio, Electro, Sandman, Dr. Octopus, and many more.

Even with PC and laptops having as low as 1 GB Ram, this game will work like charm on any system.

2. Batman Arkham Asylum

Batman Arkham Asylum

DC comics most notorious character, Batman holds a huge fan base for its dark storyline. I personally find Batman as one of the best superheroes ever produced.

If you are also a huge fan of Batman then getting started off with Arkham Asylum would be the right choice.

It’s been a decade since Batman Arkham Asylum was released. Until now also the graphics look great. Along with a rock-solid storyline where you will face off the joker and other villains.

You are responsible to escort Joker to the asylum but somehow joker manages to escape. The gameplay extensively includes stealth moves to take down enemies or jump down from mid-air.

3. X-Men Origins: Wolverine

X-Men origins Wolverine

A brutal third-person action game by Raven software that features the all mighty wolverine from the X-men series.

The game offers total chaos where you will be slashing down enemies and destroying tanks, choppers, and whatever comes in your way.

While the combat features some rich moves and combinations, the killing animation, graphics and cinematics are absolutely gorgeous up to this day.

All that rage dynamics, killing sprees, slicing down enemies is just so satisfying and fun in this game.

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4. The Incredible Hulk

The Incredible hulk

An open-world game by Sega featuring marvel the all-time favourite character from the Marvel universe.

The incredible hulk is set in New York City where you can just roam around the city in a completely destructible environment.

Jump through the skyscrapers and annihilate the military camps with hulk’s terrifying moves. Movement and controls are quite simple and easy. You can just hop onto this game even if you don’t want to play the story mode.

Besides that, it can run on any potato or low-end PC without any problems.

5. Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four

Another game from the Marvel universe Fantastic four.

A group of 4 scientists who are sent to a space station to conduct research. As you will play through the story, the scientist will realize they have unique superpowers and abilities.

Play as Reed, Susan, Benn, and johnny having different superpowers and abilities to fight the villain doctor doom.

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6. Marvel Ultimate Alliance

Marvel Ultimate Alliance

Sink deep into the marvel universe with this action roleplaying game Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

There’s almost every superhero from marvel’s roster and some of their names I bet you’ve never heard of in movies.

Play as different superheroes fight through hoards of enemies and boss battles in a completely new quest.

7. Deadpool


Deadpool is known for its funny humour and the same thing goes in the game. Despite having a dull storyline, the game is still fun to play as the action & comedy part will keep you hooked.

Although the game never showed up in the limelight, it’s still worth playing out Deadpool for on your PC or laptop.

There are a lot more superhero games that you might be able to run. However, we have only included the games that will be guaranteed to run smoothly on any system.

8. The Amazing SpiderMan

Next up, the amazing spiderman which is an open-world action-adventure game. Play as spiderman in the streets of manhattan and roam freely through the city with your spider web.

Not just that, putting aside from storyline, you can do side missions like saving locals or stopping a robbery. There is a lot to do in amazing spiderman and you’ll be facing off terrifying villains in story missions.

Note: Some games might not work smoothly on High settings. We highly suggest lowering the graphics and overall video quality if you face any lag issues.

9. Iron Man

Iron Man Game

Last on our list, Iron Man by Sega. The game allows you to play as Ironman and War Machine. It’s more like an open battlefield where you can rain down the enemies from the sky.

Apart from gameplay, the story isn’t much interesting and you may face some repetitive objectives while destroying the enemy base.

But the best part is the game can run on any low spec or potato PC effortlessly.

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