Best 3 Player Coop Games for PC

Most of the popular coop games support either 2 players or 4 players. Sometimes you are only left up with 3 players to get your hands on a coop game to play together.

Although you can play games that support 1-4 players, they are not completely enjoyable with 3 players. And finding a 3 player coop game is quite daunting sometimes.

With that being said, we have come up with a list of 3-player coop games for PC that is specially designed to play together with only 3 players’ support.

And the whole games direction is meant to be played with up to 3 players to provide the best experience possible.

1. Remnant from the Ashes

Remnant from the Ashes 3 player coop game

Load up your weapons and ready up your squad to decimate the dark souls who have conquered the world.

The dark evil enemies have made their foothold on your planet while engraving brutal monsters and their army.

You must travel through portals and find out the mystery behind the ancient dark force. Annihilate every enemy that is coming between your way. Take back what’s yours and save the human race by decimating your enemies.

2. For the King

For the King game

An indie RPG featuring a turn-based combat system. For the king, series features a unique playstyle of strategy and rouge-lite elements which makes the game even more fun with friends.

In terms of gameplay, the art style is amazing throughout the quest and exciting tactical battles are amazingly designed.

Overall, a relaxing 3-player coop game to play locally or online with friends.

3. Outriders


Set in a dark mythical world, Outriders is an RPG shooter game offering chaotic gunfight gameplay taking place in a completely shattered world.

Choose your class, hop on with friends by creating your own outriders, and begin your journey to blow off horrific creatures with your arsenal.

If you are a fan of blood and violence then this is the perfect game for your squad.

4. Battletoads


Beat’em up genre among the 90s was something different. Easy controls and straightforward gameplay with loads of fun. You couldn’t ask for more in a simply designed combat game.

Therefore, Battletoads would be a great pick if you are looking for some classic beat’em up game. The 3-player local coop support is just the cherry on top to make your evening memorable with friends.

The cartoonist look and feel of the game are so satisfying along with fluid combat which makes the game a true hidden gem.

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5. Trine Series

Trine Series 3

Another Indie title, the Trine series is outrageously famous in the 2D puzzle genre. The game details and graphics sets up a huge benchmark of what 2D games can achieve with an incredible storyline.

You and your friends will play as Thief, Knight & wizards having unique abilities which need to be utilized in combination with each other to solve complex puzzles.

Embark your journey together to save the kingdom from the undead by defeating them with your creative mind and abilities. The game is available for both online coop & local coop.

6. Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt

Vampire The Masquerade - Bloodhunt

Battle royale genre is no longer an unfamiliar genre for most gamers. In fact, battle royale games feel more exhilarating when playing with your favourite friends.

Vampire the Masquerade is a PVP 3-player battle royale with a twist, your team plays as blood-thirsty vampires looking down to hunt other players in order to be victorious.

Roam around with your flashy movements or lurk in the dark shadows for surprise attacks.

Gear up with supernatural abilities and potent guns to jump into fast-paced combat you’ve never experienced before.

7. War Islands: A Co-op Adventure

War Islands A Co-op Adventure

Imagine getting stranded on a magical island with gigantic and creepy creatures sprawling all over the place.

A playable trio of a girl, boy and almighty bear set themselves for an adventure of a lifetime while exploring the dark forests and caves.

The game is meant to be played in coop mode with exactly 3 players featuring 3 different heroes having various powers.

Make use of our power to solve puzzles that come along your way following a decent storyline.

8. Gears 5

Gears 5

Xbox’s oldest franchises, the Gears of war series is also one of the best-selling games when it comes to Xbox’s exclusive.

Luckily, you can play the latest installment on your PC, Gears 5 features a 3-player online campaign where you fight alongside against deadly predators.

From a solid storyline and beautiful graphics to compelling visuals, the game marks every aspect of gameplay for being a masterpiece.

9. Roller Champions

 Roller Champions

You probably wouldn’t have heard of this game before but the game is extremely fun to play with friends.

Roller Champions isn’t a traditional sports game, besides it’s more of a roller skate racing with a ball where you compete with 3 other players.

Take the ball and dodge your opponents while completing the laps as fast as possible to defeat your opponent. A must-try 3 Player Coop Game as it’s even free to play.

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