Best 5 Player Coop Games for PC

Best 5 Player Coop Games

There’s no other games which can bring the exact amount of joy as coop games deliver especially while playing with your friends.

Be it any platform either PC, Xbox or Playstation, grinding coop games with your favourite squad is just so entertaining and fun at the same time. Not to mention, playing straight up for hours in long night gaming sessions.

Nevertheless, a major problem we all gamers must have faced a lot when it comes to playing video games with your friends. Since most of the coop video games support at max 4 players and your more than 5 discord buddies are waiting to play games.

For this kind of dire strait situation, we are here with a list of the best 5-player coop games to play together with your friends on PC, Playstation & Xbox.

Moreover, most of the following games support players beyond 5 which adds up to 10 members. Therefore, you never have to count any of your friends out and finally enjoy playing together.

1. Valheim


Available On: Windows, XBOX one, Xbox X series

Coming to our personal favourite pick for the best coop games. Valheim is way more exciting to play when played with a group of friends. In fact, the game supports up to 10 players to play on a single hosted server.

Start your Viking journey into a vast open world covered by dense forest, mountains and lush valleys filled up with mythical creatures. Discover resources and hidden lands to build up your own castle in order to survive.

Craft your own weapons to take on some of the most powerful monsters having magical powers and defeat them to be the Allfather of Vikings.

2. Propnight

Propnight gameplay

Available On: PC only

A 4v1 survival horror game where one of your friends will be playing as the killer and the other 4 players as survivors.

The survivors must hide on the map by converting into objects nearby them and successfully escape their way after completing the task.

Whereas, the killer’s objective is to stop the survivors to escape within the stipulated time period and keep them strangled in an electric chair.

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3. Dead by Daylight

Available On: Windows, PS4, PS5, Xbox one series, Nintendo Switch

Another 4v1 survival horror game similar to Propnight. The concept follows the same path where one of the players takes the role of a killer whose objective is to hunt down all the survivors or stop them from fixing up the generators.

On the other hand, survivors must communicate together and plan a strategy to bait the killer. So that other players can repair the generator to escape.

Overall, a perfect game for players who are looking for 5 player coop games.

4. Raft

Raft Gameplay

Available On: Windows, macOS & Linux

Set yourself for a never-ending voyage you’ve never experienced before with your friends. Raft supports up to 8 players to play in a single game.

Start off from the scratch, stranded in a single raft with no water and food. The only way to survive another day is to make use of a hook to gather up resources and build your raft into a safe shelter.

Stack up water filters and food by hunting down fishes together to keep on discovering the last part of civilization. There’s a lot of content to keep your squad hooked for an endless amount of fun.

5. No Man’s Sky

No Man's Sky

Available On: Windows, PS4, PS5, Xbox one series

Travel through an entire galaxy together with your squadmates and uncover various planets with unusual habitats and environments.

Set up your own base by utilizing resources and putting in the research for essential materials on every planet.

Build a space cargo and cruise together in a mysterious space adventure.

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6. The Forest

The Forest

Available On: Windows only

Experience an open-world survival in a dark forest where your plane has crashed and your son is missing. The danger keeps on lingering in the entire forest as the undead mutants will be looking to hunt you down.

Light up a campfire and scavenge for food in order to survive together in the mysterious jungle. Daylight is your best ally in the whole game where you can explore around the map and build a base covered entirely by walls.

Once the dark takes over, defend your base from the mutant’s attack and live one more day.

Uncover the storyline by finding the secret caves and figuring out the cause behind the experiment on these humans. The storyline of this game is absolutely brilliant with thrilling moments all the time.

7. Killing Floor 2

Killing Floor 2

Available On: Windows, PS4, PS5, Xbox one series

A first-person shooter takes place in an apocalyptic city taken over by deadly zombies.

Gear up with your squad for an extreme bloodbath as the game features some of the best brutal action.

Chop off enemy’s limbs or knock off their brains with guns in the mayhem.

8. Don’t Starve Together

Don't Starve Together

Available On: Windows, PS4, PS5, Xbox one series, macOS

Next up on our list, Don’t starve together is a unique survival game featuring classic platform-style gameplay.

Farm crops and vegetation to keep your friends alive and embark on your journey in a mysterious world full of challenges.

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9. Factorio


Available On: Windows, Linux & macOS

Ever dreamt of managing your whole mining industry? Then Factorio is the right choice for your squad. A top-down 2D game where you are the primary in charge of managing a bunch of factories.

From chopping down the trees to becoming the industry giants and making sure every operation is running efficiently.

There are problem-solving cases in every step and your squad must ensure to automate the running factory at its best.

10. GTA Online

Available On: Windows, PS4, PS5, Xbox one series

Last but not least, Grand theft auto online has been thriving since its initial release with constant updates and new heists every now and then.

Although, almost every GTA heist supports only 4 players. Besides that, there are a lot of missions such as assassination contracts or shipment deliveries with up to 6 players.

Maybe even race against each other in various game modes. So, you can always add up GTA online to your 5 player coop games list.

Additionally, if you still feel like the above list of games is not enough, you can always play some competitive 5v5 multiplayer shooter games such as CS: GO, Valorant, Rainbow Six Siege and MOBA games like Dota 2 or League of legends.

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