10 Free Battle Royale Games for Low-End PC

10 Free Battle Royale Games for Low-End PC

There’s no doubt Battle Royale is one of the most popular and sought-after genres in Gaming. Games like Fortnite, Apex legends, Pubg, and Call of duty warzone are constantly under the limelight for the past few years.

In fact, battle royale games usually require high-end Graphic cards and processors in order to play in high graphic settings.

Nevertheless, the good news is there are still a handful of battle royale games to try especially for low-end PC and laptops. The below list of games is playable on any potato PC or laptop without any graphic card.

System Requirements

Coming to the system requirements, you will be good to go with any PC having any low-end processor.

From Intel Dual-core to anything like i3 regardless of any generation. Alongside, integrated graphics such as the Intel HD series are more than enough to run these following games.

While most of the games will be playable in decent FPS, make sure to lower the textures and detailing settings to the lowest for better performance overall.

1. Knives Out

Knives out PC

A game originally inspired by PUBG where you jump into a map among 100 players. Search for guns, loot boxes, and kill enemies.

Make your way through the last circle by staying alive to be victorious. One major difference where knives out stand out is the ability of your teammates to bringing back to life.

Even if you are dead during the fights while playing with your teammates, your partner will be having a chance to bring you back into the game as another lifeline.

2. Line of Sight

Line of sight Game

Are you into gun customization? If yes then a line of sight would be a great choice to get your hands on in an open shooting game.

From attachments to character customization, the game ensures you will be having accessibility to modify your gun’s color, scope, grips, and more.

The game is not purely a battle royale game. However, it has a battle royale game mode where you will be fighting off against players online to be the last man standing.

3. Warface


Initially, Waraface is known to be a fast-paced 5v5 shooter game. As the game comes along with various game modes, later on, they introduced a new battle royale game mode.

The game mode features a traditional fast-paced battle royale in decent map size. Unlike other battle royale games where you set off with other players, warfare battle royale features only 16 players.

Keeping that in mind, it’s still fun to play in a dynamic environment, and players are fully equipped with modern combat gears.

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4. Super Animal Royale

Super animal royale

How often we could think of enjoying a classic 2d top-down game? Well, super animal royale sets a great example of how battle royale modes are adapted so perfectly in 2d games.

Play as 100 various animals breed in a widely illustrated map and scavenge weapons to eliminate other players.

Alongside, you can play as a squad of 4 players in an intense online battle among 64 players. Any low-end PC or laptop can handle the game at ease without any or whatsoever.

5. Survival Frenzy

Survival Frenzy

A battle royale game with a lot of twists and turns as you will be fighting off other players not only with guns.

But with objects around you and the only way to win is to kill everyone and escape from a helicopter. Find a key to get a gun that puts you in a dominating spot over the other players.

Make sure to turn down graphics settings to the lowest for this game as it may tend to stutter a bit on low-end devices.

6. Battlerite Royale

Battlerite Royale

Next up on our list, is a unique MOBA-style battle royale game that features action-packed gameplay.

Every champion you choose offers different abilities and playstyle. A large-scale map to explore in top-down fashion gameplay.

Use mysterious spells, traps, and turrets to your advantage to come out victorious.

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7. Pixel Strike 3D

Pixel Strike 3D

Don’t consider pixel strike 3D as an ordinary pixilated game as it’s super fun to play with friends.

There is no crafting like Fortnite, just straight-up and simple shooting mechanisms.

Loot weapons around the map and battle with other players in survival for the fittest matchup.

8. Creative Destruction

Creative Destruction

The game is basically for all the gamers who like Fortnite as the whole concept of the game revolves around crafting and shooting.

It also features all types of guns ranging from assault, sniper, LMG, and shotguns with rariety types just like in Fortnite.

Although the game is not as good as Fortnite, It’s worth a try for gamers having low-end devices.

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9. King of Crabs

King of Crabs

As the name says, king of crabs is a massive 100-player multiplayer where you play as a crab against other players.

Hunt down and scavenge to be the king of all the crabs with a wide variety of melee weapons and guns.

10. Krunker

Krunker.io game

Krunker is known for great movement and shooting mechanisms regardless of its graphics. There are tons of game modes and options to play in your style with online players.

Nevertheless, Krunker battle royale mode is insane with fully action-packed shooting and chaos.

The best thing is you can even play this game in your browser without even downloading any content. Therefore, any low-end PC can handle these battle royale game modes easily.

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