Top 5 Online PC Games to Make New Friends

Top 5 Online PC Games to Make New Friends

Gone are those days when you could only make friends while going out to places and socializing with others. Online gaming communities are thriving more than anything in our current generation.

There are plenty of video games that share a large player base of gamers around the world to play together. It could be building up clans, meeting random players in free roam or playing together in an online coop.

Additionally, playing video games online with other players has immensely helped many people to deal with home isolation and anxiety to an extent.

As a result, many get to hop on some games to make new friends. And the good thing is you actually get to meet new people around the globe that eventually become your best gaming buddies.

Therefore, if you are looking for some online PC games to make new friends then you are at the right place. Because we have handpicked some of the best games for PC to meet random people while playing online.

Not to mention, our list is dedicated to games having some of the least toxic communities and player base. Don’t worry we aren’t going to count in competitive games such as Call of duty or Counter strike for obvious reasons.

1. Tower Unite

Tower Unite

Jump into a world of entertainment and meet new people while playing your favourite mini-games together. Interesting right? There’s a lot more than just playing games together.

Interact with random players or invite them to your condo for a virtual party full of pizza and drinks.

Not only this, join other players online in a huge theme park featuring games like mini golf, kart racing, fishing and much more.

Challenge others with over 30+ arcade games to win amazing prizes while chatting around with everyone. There are an endless amount of activities you can do within your own virtual place while customizing your own character, house etc.

The reason Tower Unite is our first pick is how the game provides all the freedom to your character is just impressive. No doubt, it’s one of the best PC games to make friends among multiplayer games.

2. Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2

Talking about online communities in games, League of legends is quite notorious when it comes to toxic environments. And, what not most of the MMORPG games resonate the same except for Guild Wars 2.

Guild Wars 2 offers an enormous open world map where you can join in with other players to embark on your dungeon journey. Choose your class as per your play style and experience a seamless combat system all-around.

Most importantly, there are events happening all over the map with new inclusive content launching frequently. The online community is what makes the game even refined as the player base is super friendly when compared to other games.

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Join in with random players with various modes such as raids, PVP, fractals and keep the ball rolling for hours of fun.

3. Deep Rock Galactic

Deep Rock Galactic

An action shooter set in a procedurally generated space surrounds by tons of caves. Discover the mysterious caves by digging down with your high-tech gear and face off the danger you’ll be messing around on the other side.

Join up with up to 3 random players and start knocking off the alien horde hiding under the caves.

The voice and text chat feature enables you to communicate with your teammates and you can always hop on with strangers while searching for a game. So, you could definitely add up Deep rock galactic to your wishlist to have some new friends.

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4. Fallout 76

Fallout 76

A true masterpiece series from Bethesda, Fallout 76 is set up in the last post-nuclear warfare where the whole world has been crippled down and turned into a wasteland.

Rebuild everything from the scratch in an open world where you get to random people around the places in-game.

Form a team and build connections to complete quests together. The game does take a lot of grind in order to establish a proper campsite and stack up resources as you have to scavenge for food supplies.

The base-building element is something that brings up all the fallout players to keep playing the game. Despite being released on 2018, the game is still having a lot of active players who are just grinding their way back to the leaderboards.

Overall, a must-play PC game to make new friends or meet new players as the online community in Fallout 76 is one of the healthiest communities a game could ever have!

5. DayZ

DayZ game

An open-world survival game set in a post-apocalyptic environment surrounded by devastated zombies. You must keep all your resources in check as the only way to survive is by looting supplies and keeping a safe zone for yourself.

Sounds so easy right? However, you aren’t the only one alone in the area. Over 60 other real players are also looking up to survive their way through and you will be encountering random people sporadically.

Beware not everyone is friendly out there. Either they will try to kill you or you guys team up together to get the work done. Who knows you could find out a random who becomes your best friend. Dayz is indeed one of those PC games to make friends for lifetime!

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