8 Best Low Poly Games for PC

8 Best Low Poly Games for PC

Pixel art games such as Stardew valley are widely popular among gamers for their minimalistic 2D designs and visuals. Back in the time, when 3D game existence was almost negligible, Pixel art-based games used to be on top of the gaming community.

Recently, low poly games have been gaining a lot of traction among gamers and developers as we’ve seen some great titles being released on PC and Consoles.

What makes them so unique is definitely not the graphics where gamers are putting up their attention. Instead, these games have heavily emphasized on gameplay, story and art style that draw player’s focus on the creative aspect rather than the graphics.

1. Umurangi Generation

Umurangi Generation

Taking photographs hasn’t been more enjoyable than ever in a first-person game Umurangi Generation. You play as a courier delivery guy whose eventual goal is to take photos of various objects and places while exploring the city of Tauranga.

As the game progresses, you get to unlock new cameras and equipment to capture beautiful shots by setting up the best angles and exposure for pictures.

The dystopian theme of Tauranga depicts a steady timeline of crisis that has taken place with roads barricaded and walls blocked all the way across. Every photo you capture through the lenses tells a unique story which will passionate you more to play the game.

Not to mention, the whole art style of storytelling of the game is immaculate which makes the game itself a unique one of its own.

2. Polygon


A free-to-play online multiplayer shooter game featuring 16 vs 16 tactical gun battles sprawled across huge maps. Make no mistake about Polygon being a free-to-play game and considering it a low-grade shooter.

The game mechanics of Polygon can level up with some of the best online shooter games available right now. Right from the shooting, the graphics and player’s movement are highly detailed to perfection.

A brilliantly crafted game with a handful of customization and tons of weapon upgrades to choose from according to your playstyle. And the best part is Polygon stands out tall in the list of low-end PC games as it can run smoothly on any potato PC.

3. Valheim


A survival game set in the Vikings era and surrounded by dark mythical creatures.

Start off from scratch where you find yourself hunting out for food and scavenging resources to sustain in within the world.

Explore an endless map of procedurally generated elements and different environments. Discover new resources to build off shelter, weapons and much more to be an ultimate Viking.

4. Ultrakill


Another First-person Shooter, Ultrakill is a straight-up classic shooter game where you load up your guns and start popping off blood-thirsty machines.

The game theme resembles a lot with one of the most popular shooters of all time Doom trilogy.

What you enjoy about the game is its incredible movement to perform flashy moves and go all berserk mode.

5. Hotshot Racing

Hotshot Racing

Revive your good old memories in arcade-style street racing with Hotshot racing. The low-poly visuals and graphics sync perfectly with the old-school racing gameplay.

Play along with your friends in Splitscreen or solo on over 16 different racetracks and show off your drifting skills or take down your opponents by various powerups in high-octane racing.

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6. Ravenfield


Imagine warfare with full of clumsy characters with ragdoll movement? If that sounds interesting Ravenfield is going to be an absolute fun low poly game to play.

Pick either team Blue or Red. Go all-out war with guns, helicopters, and tanks with highly intelligent AI in a complete mayhem shooter.

7. Journey


Get lost in a timeline journey of a traveller across sands and uncover secrets in a beautiful story that you’ve never experienced before.

The whole art style, graphics and visuals are marvellously synced together with the in-game music for an unforgettable experience.

The whole game can be completed in just 2 hours. However, the immersive story and wordless narration are something one shouldn’t be missing out on.

8. Astroneer


There’s something always a different kind of vibe while playing low poly games when compared to AAA titles.

And Astroneer sets up a huge benchmark for the low poly titles as you begin your open-world space adventure among the solar system.

Explore the strange galaxies and planets with mysterious habitats spread all across the area.

Discover new resources and build off your own base from scratch and survive your way through crafting essentials.

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