9 Best Tank Games for Low-End PC Gamers

9 Best Tank Games for Low-End PC Gamers

Tank battles and wars are truly a genre within the gaming world. There are a lot of games related to World war or films having some intense brawl between armoured tanks. Currently, there’s a vast variety of tank battle games out there for PC.

However, low-end PC gamers are not left with many options. Therefore, we will be covering a short list of tank battle games for low-end PC or laptops that can handle these games easily.

System Requirements

Since the list is dedicated to Low-spec PC and laptops, the games won’t demand much graphic processing.

You are good to go with processors anywhere from Intel Pentium dual-core to intel i3 of any generation.

Alongside, it’s even better to have inbuilt or integrated graphics like the Intel HD series. If not, then also you will be able to run these games in low-med settings without any lag.

1. Steel Armor: Blaze of War

Steel Armor Blaze of War

Steel Armor is known for its tank simulator. Don’t consider the game as an ordinary simulator. The tactical elements and amount of interaction within the game make it one of the best tank simulator games ever.

There aren’t many options for choosing the tanks as there are only 2 types of tanks in the game. While you can command your whole platoon individually, you can choose over 4 various operations to play either as Iran, Afghanistan or Angola forces.

Every detail is on point when talking about the graphics, landscapes and AI troops. Nevertheless, the game indeed has a huge learning curve to jump into the battlefield.

2. ARMA 2


Another all-around military shooter game ARMA 2 emphasizes more on the realism of an actual battlefield. You can try out a lot of infantry or military vehicles to play along with other players.

It’s a complete package of experiencing the thrilling warzone consisting of dynamic environments, 120+ vehicles, maps and much more.

You will be able to find a few specific game modes for tank battles only.

3. World of Tanks Blitz

World of Tanks Blitz

A massive 7v7 players online multiplayer game featuring over 300+ types of tanks, multiple battle arenas and an endless amount of action.

So, if you are looking for a competitive multiplayer tank battle game then that’s a perfect game to grind.

Plus, the game is also available on IOS mobile devices.

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4. World of Tanks

World of Tanks

Next up, World of Tanks is a free-to-play PVP multiplayer game of cranking steel and metal in massive-scale vehicle combat.

Get your hand on some most popular and historical combat tanks of World war 2. Strategize your approach either solo or create a platoon with other players in a thrilling all-out war.

You might not be able to run this game smoothly without integrated graphics. If that’s the case, just make sure to lower down all the graphic settings to the lowest to run on any potato or low-end PC.

5. Panzer Elite

Panzer Elite

Make your way through the enemies as you play as a commander who would be marching with a platoon of tanks.

The fact that Panzer elite is a classic world war 2 simulator game makes it even more immersive and action-packed.

6. War Thunder

War Thunder

Add up another free tank game for your low-end PC as War thunder is an absolute killer military game. The game offers a modern style of combat not just limited to land as you will be fighting off enemies on air and sea.

Shoot down ships, and jets with a rocket launcher or crush your way through the enemy base with over 1900+ military vehicles for every situation. Not to mention, the graphics are just gorgeous with a detailed environment.

Consider capping your frame rates to around 30 fps from graphic settings as the game is quite GPU intensive. But, you will still find yourself in a safe zone to run this game with Intel HD graphics.

7. Recoil


From a graphics perspective, Recoil might feel a bit dull by today’s standards.

The simple and straightforward combat gameplay is mind-blowing despite the game being this old.

What makes this game unique is your tank moves backwards when any weapon is shot. A must-try for retro gamers.

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8. Armored Fist 3

Armored Fist 3

Rescue your allies tanks or destroy enemy compounds in various locations like Afghanistan, Thailand, the Republic of Georgia and many more.

Strategize your attacks by commanding AI ground units and requesting airstrikes. Armoured fist 3 is a perfect old-school classic tank simulator game to get started.

9. Battle City

Battle City

A bonus game that every gamer must have played in their childhood.

Battle City is one of the most sought-after NES tank games of all time. This game just brings back all the nostalgic memories of childhood.

Glad the game can be played on windows as the game is available to download on the Microsoft store.

How to download Battle City for PC?

Visit the Microsoft Store or directly click on the below link to download battle city for free on PC.
Download Link: Battle City

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