Top 7 Point & Click Games on Xbox Game Pass

Point & Click Games on Xbox Game Pass

The classic genres in video games have clearly been overshadowed by the modern gaming titles among gamers. And, Point and click games are no exception as Sandbox and Indie genre is flourishing more than anything for gaming communities.

Going back to the 90s when point and click games used to be at the pinnacle for every platform. These games have revolutionized the whole gaming era from the time when it all started.

Nowadays, many of us aren’t aware of how fun to play these games are with a perfect mix of challenging puzzles and engaging storylines. Thankfully, there are still a few publishers who have kept the genre alive with amazing remastered titles having the same concept of classics.

Therefore, we are back with a short lineup of point-and-click games on Xbox game pass play on PC & Xbox One.

1. Full Throttle

Full Throttle gameplay

Full Throttle is the reason why many gamers jumped into playing video games in the first place. The game is brimming with beautiful artwork showcasing a great comic-style storyline of a bikers gang.

The story takes place in a futuristic setting, you play as Ben Throttle who is a brave leader of a gang named polecats. But the real trouble beings when the whole motorcycle manufacturer is on the brink of getting extinct as Ben Throttle ventures his way to solve a murder mystery.

A complete set of adventures with lots of suspense and mystery alongside immersive soundtracks are just picture-perfect in every aspect. There will be various puzzles you will be facing while most of them are going to be easy or more logical. So, this game could surely be your way to go for an ultimate classic adventure.

2. Day of the Tentacle

Day of the Tentacle gameplay

Originally released by LucasArts, the same publishers of Full Throttle. The fact that LucasArts in their prime time were used to be Phenomenal with amazing titles released every year.

The game takes you through various worlds using time travel in order to stop the purple tentacle monster planning to conquer the world. The whole story features 3 playable characters travelling through the past, future and dystopian future by solving logical puzzles in a journey full of twists and turns.

If you haven’t played any point and click games before, Day of the Tentacle is definitely a good starting point to hop around.

3. Kentucky Route Zero

Kentucky Route Zero

Next up, we bet you guys haven’t played this kind of unique yet so remarkable game before. Kentucky Route isn’t any ordinary or classic point-and-click adventure game.

Rather the game feels more like a book enlightening you on a journey of a Kentucky truck driver making his final delivery of goods while driving through a mysterious bridge where he encounters strange people and engages in deep conversations throughout the game.

You may sometimes feel what’s the purpose of this whole plot or where’s actually the game is headed. Was it just an imaginative story? Well, it’s more like a beautiful and relaxing journey where you would just get lost with the creative storytelling of this game. The way the developers have dedicated their efforts to integrating surreal art feels more like a dream.

We highly recommend this game to anyone who’s into games driven by peaceful storytelling. This has to be on top of your wishlist. You won’t regret it!

4. Grim Fandango

Grim Fandango

The most iconic classic adventure game of the 90s is back with a refined remastered version. Back in the days, Grum Fandango was the game that pushed the boundaries of what adventures games can achieve.

A highly character-driven game, interacting with crazy people and finding out the clues that feel like a crime movie.

The whole setting of the game feels like you are completely immersed in your character and the dystopian world is so captivating that makes you keep on digging down the mysterious story by solving puzzles.

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5. Broken Age

Broken Age gameplay

One reason why so many gamers find point and click games fun is because of the complexity of puzzles that gradually increases as you push through the storyline.

Broken Age follows the same classic adventure game theme, a family-friendly puzzle game featuring interesting puzzles where your creativity and your mind play an important role to understand the basic logic behind the puzzles.

Besides, the storyline is quite average with regard to gameplay. Perhaps if you are some into solving complex puzzles then you would really enjoy the game.

6. The Procession to Calvary

The Procession to Calvary

The nostalgic feel is somewhat a big reason why point and click adventure still gained traction. Without a doubt, these games deserve much more attention that is solely designed in a good story environment, puzzles and decision making.

The procession to Calvary holds all the 3 elements which makes it a must-play point and click game on Xbox game pass.

Set in the medical period, your goal is to find the ruthless tyrant Heavenly Peter who has murdered many innocent people. Make your way through various locations having spectacular art and beautiful sceneries. Interact with people around, and solve fun puzzles in a game with tons of funny humour.

7. Unpacking

As the name says Unpacking is basically a relaxing game of unpacking household stuff and placing them in the desired spots to decorate the look of the room in your own ways.

With easy pick and drag controls, this game can be considered more like a bonus game for Point & Click Games available on Xbox Game Pass to play for endless fun.

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