Best 6 Player Coop Games for Nintendo Switch

Best 6 Player Coop Games for Nintendo Switch

Planning a party or get-together with the squad? Nintendo Switch has always got us covered with a variety of games to play together, especially on these kinds of occasions.

Nonetheless, searching for the right coop games that support the required players to play could be daunting sometimes.

If that’s the case we’ve got you covered with a list of 6 Player coop games for Nintendo Switch available to play locally or Online on the Nintendo e-shop. Most of the games support coop play for anywhere between 2-8 players at once.

1. PICO Park


Players Supported: 2-8 Players

Puzzle games couldn’t be more fun to play with friends and family where teamwork is the key element for completing objectives. And Pico park should be your first pick to play along with your friends with up to 10 players in local or online coop mode.

Solving tons of various puzzles by working together as coordination and communication will lead you to complete the levels faster. Sounds easy right? There will be many situations when you won’t be able to align timings with your friends to move forward. This is where things could turn out to be hilarious and frustrating at the same time.

The simple objective to find the key and unlock the door could bring so much laughter while you might be yelling at your friends for their gameplay.

2. Towerfall


Players Supported: 1-6 Players

A typical 6 player bow and arrow game for parties and gatherings. A great game for couch coop battles as the game features a free for all battle mode with simple controls and an easy learning curve.

Every player starts with a set of arrows to take down opponents with fire, lava and bomb arrows in slow-motion shots. Be the last one standing to make your way to victory.

The game never feels boring as there will always be fun and exhilarating moments happening now and then with a group of friends.

3. Shipped


Players Supported: 1-8 Players

An arcade-style top-down game Shipped. Cruise your ships in the open ocean and compete with your friends in exciting game modes. Race against other members in the top-down arcade action hit other ships with cannons and guns, or push them away against the land to knock them off from the game.

The game turns out to be more chaotic in large party groups as you must stay within the screen for your ship to stay in the game.

Dodge or chase, it’s up to you how you are going to maneuver in order to win in every game mode.

4. Mario Kart 8

Mario Kart 8

Players Supported: 2-8 Players

Nothing feels more competitive than challenging your friends in an ultimate racing circuit. Well, Mario Kart 8 deluxe edition deserves all the attention for its entertaining racing adventure.

Compete in multiplayer mode to make your way to the finish line, and take power-ups to wreak your opponents in 48 multitude tracks.

5. Boomerang FU

Boomerang FU

Players Supported: 1-6 Players

A perfect 6-player coop game for Nintendo Switch, Boomerang FU shares a top-down gameplay of fast-paced combat with unique characters of your favourite food.

Become an absolute killer with various power-ups and abilities to perform multiple combinations of attacks.

Moreover, it only takes a few games to adapt to the easy controls but the game itself has a huge learning curve to master while you show off your skills among your friends.

6. Party Golf

Party Golf

Players Supported: 1-8 Players

Party Golf is not an ordinary or boring golf simulator, it’s more of a fun party golf game to play with your group.

The simple 2D gameplay offers procedurally generated courses, which means every time you’ll encounter a new course to challenge your friends.

So, grab your joy cons and set up for an insane party!

7. Killer Queen Black

 Killer Queen Black

Players Supported: 1-8 Players

Fight for your hive in a complete strategy game of defending your hive and worker bees. Join up with your squad in multiple ways to win. Either hop on the snails, hoard berries or completely annihilate the enemy bee.

8. Gang Beasts

Gang Beasts

Players Supported: 2-8 Players

Slam your opponents in a hilarious battle of sluggish characters with weird movement and combat style that will keep the laughter going. Whether play locally or online, this rib-tickling game is a must-try coop game for your Nintendo Switch.

9. Clusterpuck 99

Clusterpuck 99

Players Supported: 1-8 Players

A sports-style game 8-player local coop game similar to air hockey but more fun. Get the puck to the goal line while avoiding the spikes spread across the map.

You can always play the game in 3v3 mode for the best experience. However, the game feels more intense as the player count increases.

10. Runbow


Players Supported: 2-9 Players

Lastly, Runbow features an interesting concept combined in a platformer fashion as you compete against each other to run and reach the end.

Besides, the catch is every few seconds a wave of colour pops over the screen while disappearing away the objects of the respective colours.

Therefore, the game is all about not falling early alongside observing your environment quickly.

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