6 Video Games with Realistic Hand-to-Hand Combat

8 Video Games with Realistic Hand-to-Hand Combat

Fighting games have come a long way in the gaming world. Some all-time best titles like Tekken series, Mortal Kombat and Yakuza Kiwami do hold a huge fan base. Knocking off your opponent with flashy abilities and brutal finishing moves.

Indeed these games are more exhilarating and fun but a big miss out on games like these hold is the lack of realism due to unreal and impractical combat.

As a matter of fact, some gamers prefer playing hand-to-hand games which offer realistic and level-headed combat. Not only do these games offer detailed melee-style combat but give you an edge to get immersed as if it’s an actual brawl.

Thereby, we have come up with a short list of games that features realistic hand-to-hand combat style fighting.

1. The Warriors

The Warriors

Available on: Xbox, PSP, PS2 PS4

Circling back to the nostalgic memories of PS2 games when The Warriors was released by Rockstar games. A simple gang-war game yet so entertaining to play. Hands down, the game is still one of the best hand-to-hand combat games when it comes to street fights with all bare hands and close quarter fist fights.

While the game graphics look outdated when compared to current standards, still you will be amazed by its gripping storyline where your gang is wrongly accused of murder. You must make your way out of the city by fighting off other gang members you’ll be facing while crossing down the city.

The combat feels natural with simple attacks and tackling down the ruthless gang members. If there’s ever going to be a remastered version for the game, the warriors should be the first game on rockstar’s radar.

2. Sifu


Available on: Windows, PS4, PS5

Avenge the murderer of your family where you play as a young kung-fu student. What makes Sifu stand out from other games is its art direction and the way all the story elements are aligned together to provide an impeccable experience.

The game features a fast-paced beat ’em-up combat where you knock off your enemies with punches and kicks.

Making use of your surroundings and environment to your advantage adds up a whole new layer of different combat styles.

Takedown multiple enemies altogether as you learn various techniques and complicated moves to master them throughout the game.

Overall, the animation is swift and smooth with increasing difficulty as you progress in the game.

3. Sleeping Dogs

Sleeping Dogs

Available on: macOS, Windows, PS4, PS5, Xbox one

A game similar to the most popular Grand theft auto series that offers a huge open world and freedom to roam around.

While the GTA series is always focused more on gun fights, Sleeping dogs are highly emphasized in hand-to-hand combat gameplay.

You play as an undercover cop who is assigned a confidential task to infiltrate a vicious gang in Hong Kong.

The gameplay takes you to some of the deadliest streets surrounded by mafias and thugs. Jump into action with brutal fist fights where you can perform various strikes and counters. Take down enemies with environmental takedowns and combos with jaw-dropping finishers.

4. Batman Arkham Knight

Batman Arkham Knight

Available on: Xbox Cloud, Windows, PS4, PS5, Xbox one

It’s hard to find a game dedicated to hand-to-hand fighting style without any flashy power-ups when it comes to superheroes.

Well, Batman Arkham is a perfect blend of gore and combat as you roam around the dark Gotham city with your batmobile.

Coming to the gameplay, the fighting style is flawless with unique surprise takedowns and multiple ways to knockout enemies.

Moreover, the storyline is driven superbly by the fighting scenes. A must-try game for all gamers who are into combat games.

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5. Absolver


Available on: Windows, PS4, Xbox one

Developed by Slocap who are the creators of another great title Sifu. The game is a mix of martial arts and hand combat.

Prove your worth in an elite corps of Absolvers where you face off real-time battles which require a balance attack & defence.

Your movement is your biggest ally as it won’t only help in dodging the attacks from enemies but you could perform various takedowns if you catch the right timing.

Choose a character as per your natural playstyle and equip desired weapons for an action-packed battle.

6. Mad Max

Mad Max

Available on: Windows, PS4, Xbox one

Gear up for a nail-biting on-ground fighting action to break off our group of bandits coming in your way.

The game title says it all, there’s madness all over the game in the post-apocalyptic world full of violence.

Survive your way across the dangerous wasteland in your customized car equipped with a full-fledged armoury.

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