8 Best NES Racing Games of All Time

Best NES Racing Games of All Time

If there’s one thing which is common among all the 90s kids was the almighty Nintendo Entertainment System. Reminiscing all those good memories when you’ve just reached home from school, throwing away your backpack and hopping onto your Nintendo to play your favourite games by just plugging in the cassettes and controller.

Some of the greatest arcade game titles on the classic Nintendo like Super Mario, Contra, The Legend of Zelda and many more are just so immaculate and fun that they have captured a special place in our minds. Needless to say, nothing can match or overcome all the nostalgic moments you feel while playing these games.

With that, Racing games have been one of the best genres since the time of classic Nintendo. Therefore, if you are looking to jump into some retro racing games then here’s a list of the best NES racing games of all time that you can play on your 8-bit gaming console.

1. F1 Built to Win

F1 Built to Win Nintendo gameplay

Formula 1 Built to Win was way ahead of its time when it comes to car racing games. The amount of modification and transmission the game allows despite the fact the game was released in 1990 is absolutely amazing.

The game takes place in various countries as you begin your racing career to be the No.1 in the entire racing sport.

Make your way to the top by defeating racers around the globe on multiple tracks. Tune in your car performance by upgrading the braking system, acceleration and handling to attain maximum speed. A must-try game to relive the good old days.

2. Excitebike

Excitebike Gameplay

A simple yet so hyped-up bike racing game that revolutionized the entire NES gaming library.

In fact, the game also got ported to newer generation consoles as the game holds a huge fan base.

In terms of gameplay, the game has 2 modes featuring selection A & B. Either play solo or compete with computer-based opponents to qualify for the world championship.

3. Super Cars

Super Cars

A top-view racing game released in 1991 where you compete with 3 other racers to the finish line in a multiple-lap race.

Featuring some vintage cars like Ford, Honda and Lamborghini you can choose and win cash to upgrade your car’s tuning.

The game has 4 difficulty mode where it gets quite daunting in the highest difficulty and you must cross the finish line within the top 3 to advance.

4. Super Sprint

Released in 1986, another fast-paced racing game for NES by Atari. Offering a top-view mode while competing with other racers on a circuit racetrack.

Dodge various obstacles such as oil puddles on tracks or tornados stay within the track as the game gets more and more difficult once you progress through the races.

5. Galaxy 5000

Galaxy 5000 NES

Race in the galactic space with futuristic shuttles equipped with shields and weapons. Become the first to finish off the race or gun down your opponent’s vehicles with your weapons to be victorious.

6. Rad Racer

Rad Racer gameplay

Hands down one of the best racing games for NES consoles during the 1900s.

Race to the finish line in 8 various stages shifting from one country to another and skyline changing in every race.

The background music is perfectly synced in while playing the game and outrunning your opponent feels so satisfying with all those turbos.

7. RC Pro AM


Next up, is a radio-controlled car racing game set across 32 interactive tacks in an isometric view. Collect power-ups and weapons to dismantle your opponents and steer through the finish line in time.

8. Road Fighter

Road Fighter

Last up on our list, is Konami’s first ever racing game and probably everyone’s favourite Road Fighter. We all have probably played this game in our childhood at some point in time.

A streamlined track with a straight-up road, all you need to do is keep on dodging the uphill traffic and beware of the red cars who constantly try to keep you off the track.

Make sure to finish up the race before running out of fuel or time.

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