10 Amazing Detective Games for Low-End PC

10 Amazing Detective Games for Low-End PC

We are always fascinated by dark stories, crime, and murder mysteries from various TV shows and movies. For gamers, detective games are no different but full of thrill and adventure where players have the ability to investigate a crime scene or gather up evidence to catch the culprit.

The fact that detective games aren’t as popular as the mainstream genres. Still, there are a bunch of great games based on investigation, crime, and mystery themes.

Most importantly, we have compiled a list of some greatest detective games that could almost run on any low-end PC or Laptop. This means you don’t require a high specification system in order to run these games.

System Requirements

GPU: These games are playable on PC or laptops having no GPU or Graphic card in terms of system requirements. Although it’s even better if you already have one regardless of how outdated the GPU is for gaming.

Processor: Any processor ranging from as low as Intel Pentium dual-core to anywhere around Intel i3 is more than enough to run these games. Alongside, integrated graphics such as intel iris, and intel HD series would get the job done seamlessly.

RAM: Similarly, all you need is RAM anywhere from 2-4 GB to run these following games.

1. LA Noire

On top of our list, LA Noire deserves to be in the spotlight for its phenomenal storyline. The game itself comprises of all the open-world elements like driving cars, side-missions and shootouts.

Set up in 1947 where you play as a detective in Los Angelos who would be solving murders and other crimes in a crippled city full of mysteries. Search for evidence, investigate crime scenes and find out the true culprit in a completely thrilling environment.

Solve multiple cases and make decisions that influence the storyline. The overall theme of the game looks vintage as players have the freedom to interact with various elements throughout the game.

If there could be a one-game that marks up on everything for a true detective experience the LA Noire is the best bet for low-end PC users.

2. Deadly Premonition

Another action-adventure game full of mysteries and thrill. Find out the real truth behind the murder of a young lady in a small town.

Play as Francis York Morgan, a special agent who is surrounded under the radar by supernatural powers as he attempts to dig deeper into the murder mystery. Roam around the open-world area as you interact with various people living in the town.

The storyline is immersive with a lot of horrifying moments as you uncover the darkest secrets that lie within the case.

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3. Kathy Rain

Kathy Rain

A 2D- Retro-style classic game featuring a young girl known as Kathy rain who’s on the way back to her hometown to attend her grandfather’s funeral.

Little did she know about the unusual things that started mounting up regarding the death of her grandfather. She must find the truth and follow all the possible trails which would lead to the real truth behind the death.

The storytelling for Kathy rain has its own unique way with astonishing soundtracks and 90’s style game style. With that being said, there are a handful of complex puzzles which would surely require a reasonable about of time and effort to solve.

4. The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

A good amount of focus on the game’s narrative can just enlighten any gamers experience. And, Vanishing of Ethan Carter is no different from a completely open-world mystery game.

In short, you play as a detective who receives a letter about the paranormal events happening in a mysterious town.

What’s interesting is there is no mini maps in the game that would just make your brain follow all the clues while you encounter scaps of crime scenes and evidence.

5. The Wolf Among Us

The Wolf Among Us

Telltale games are known for their rich storyline gameplay and Wolf Among us just stands tall for fans.

The wolf among us takes you through a popular fable comic where you play as a sheriff who perpetuates to uncover the murders happening in Brooklyn city.

Your decision and choices would lead to various consequences in a completely gritty world.

6. Murdered Soul Suspect

 Murdered Soul Suspect

Imagine solving a case of your own murder in the afterlife. Investigate suspects with your supernatural skills that recall the trial of crime scenes.

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7. Disco Elysium

Disco Elysium

A unique roleplaying game of interrogating crime scenes, and murders while making your way through the city blocks.

It’s totally up to you whether you want to be a hero or a disaster for human beings.

One way or another you would come up with some harsh endings, unlike in other games.

8. Sherlock: Crimes and Punishment

Sherlock: Crimes and Punishment

Talking about the detective games, how can we miss out on the mastermind of all time Sherlock holmes.

A perfect blend of story narration that leads to solving complex cases such as missing people, robbery, and murder.

The game itself offers some gorgeous sceneries and character details that align with complex puzzles.

9. Her Story

Her Story

Piece together a huge database of files of a woman interviewed for her husband’s death.

Observe and listen carefully as you are in front of a computer full of unorganized evidence and clues which would lead to some conclusion.

Connect all the dots together to find out the real person behind the murder of her husband.

10. Return of the Obra Dinn

Return of the Obra Dinn

A trade ship that goes missing a long time back, you play as an inspector who is assigned a list of crew members who boarded the ship.

Your task is to find the real identities and reasons for each person’s death. The cause of death could be cross-referenced as you gather tons of evidence which makes it quite daunting to figure out the actual cause.

The video game combines some of the sought-after logical and fundamental elements that make a player feel like a true detective. A must-try for every gamer.

All the above-listed games have been tested on low-end PC and laptops.

However, you may face some common problems like low FPS or lag in between. Consider, adjusting the graphics quality to the lowest in order to attain smoother gameplay.

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