8 Best VR Sword Fighting Games for Oculus Quest 2

There is no better way to enjoy shooting and fighting games than playing directly on a VR headset. One can get fully immersed in a completely virtual environment which makes it even more realistic and fun at the same time.

With that being said, you would probably be looking for some exciting sword fighting games for your recently bought Oculus Quest 2. And, honestly, it’s actually a bit daunting to search out the best games for your favorite genre.

Look no further because we have sorted some of the best VR sword fighting games for Oculus quest 1 & 2. All the listed games below are standalone versions meaning they can be played directly on your Quest headset by downloading from the store without having a PC.

1. Vader Immortal

Vader Immortal

If you are a fan of the Star War series, the Vader Immortal series should be your first pick. A killer game series of 3 episodes taking you through a compelling storyline with frequent interactions.

The game has some of the snappiest swords known as lightsabers. Master your every hand movement as you drift through multiple galaxies and slash down the enemies.

Not to mention, the dojo mode in the game is going to keep you hooked for hours without getting bored. Obliterate the enemy’s waves full of droid bots with your almighty lightsaber.

2. Blade and Sorcery

Blade and Sorcery

A sword combat game featuring a medieval period environment full of dungeons. Blade and sorcery have taken the VR combat games to a whole new level.

Hone your combat skills with swords, Axe, Crossbow, and more in physics-based combat.

Without a doubt, Blade and Sorcery have some of the best sword mechanisms when it comes to sword combat games on Quest 2.

3. Until You Fall

Until You Fall

The game features a mysterious world full of monsters and magical spells.

Fight them off with various 1-hand and 2-hand weapons which sync your moves with the game’s soundtrack.

Make your way through attacking and dodging the lurking monsters as you develop your own fighting style in a complete action-packed environment.

4. Ninja Legends

Ninja Legends

Ever dreamed about being a Ninja and tearing apart enemies with your katana? Then this game is for you as you play as an assassin ninja heading off to kill swarms of assassins coming from every angle.

Notice their movements and patterns to kill everyone while staying alive to the end.

Furthermore, it’s not just limited to Katana, there is plenty of weapons choices such as claws, Gauntlets, Archery, and Naginata with unique shadow abilities for your character.

5. Ironlights

Iron Lights

A slow-paced tactical sword battle game where you play as a knight against your opponent in strategy-based swordplay.

The game also features a solo campaign where you make your way through areas by defeating armored knights.

Every move matters ranging from how you approach your enemy to attack or parry their attacks. Choose from a wide range of weapons according to your playstyle having different weights and physics.

6. Gorn


One of the most brutal fist-fighting games on Oculus Quest. Use swords, knives, nunchucks, and many more deadly melee weapons to knock the head off your opponent.

There are endless possibilities for tearing down your opponents with barbaric moves in a vicious arena.

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7. Swords of Gargantua

Swords of Gargantua

Got friends to play together? Swords of Gargantua offers 4 player online coop where you set to battle with gigantic monsters in a fantasy world.

The game features some of the very best sword fighting combat with a variety of fancy blades and swords.

8. Beat Saber

Beat Saber

A Classic arcade and fast-paced game that requires players to slash small cubes coming towards them in the form of beats.

Match the correct saber and direction as per the indication while the game will make you dance like anything else.

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