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How to Mine Raptoreum on Windows

Raptoreum is a cryptocurrency that works on a proof of work algorithm, which means you can mine raptoreum by CPUs. As the coin is ASIC/FPGA resistant where mining raptoreum through ASICs and GPU is not possible. Raptoreum works on ghost rider algorithm which requires CPUs only to mine.

In this blog, we will be showing you how to mine raptoreum by CPU on windows. You can check out the profitability for your CPU and calculate the earnings from minerraptoreum. You can even get the details for the hash rate for any CPU.

Here’s the link to calculate Raptoreum’s earning.

Starting off with things, make sure to disable your windows defender while downloading the raptoreum’s wallet and miner. Otherwise, windows defender probably won’t allow the setup to initiate.

Steps to Setup Raptoreum Wallet

1 . Firstly, download the raptoreum miner and wallet directly from their official website. Below are the links to download the wallet and miner for windows.

Download link: Raptoreum Wallet

Download link: Raptoreum Miner

2 . Install both applications on your system. Open the raptoreum wallet after installation and navigate to File > Receiving Address.

Raptoreum Wallet

Copy the receiving address of the wallet shown on the screen. You can even create a new address from the below new option.

3. After copying the address, open the CPUminer file and go to the Binaries folder. Find Cpumineravx2 file and set it to run as administrator.

Raptoreum Mining

The reason behind this is the miner runs different binaries for various CPUs. Therefore, cpumineravx2 runs for all the CPUs including both Intel and AMD.

4. Go back to the miner files, open the Config files in notepad. Find the user section where you need to replace the receiving address with your wallet’s receiving address you just copied. Save and close the file.

Raptoreum mining config files

5. Finally you are all set, run the cpuminer batch file and the miner will start identifying your CPU chipset.

For the first run, the miner will run the tuning file which will take approximately 150mins to configure the operations. Once it will pass the tuning phase it will start mining automatically.

Raptoreum mining

Best Pool for Raptoreum Mining

Here’s a list of mining pools you can use for raptoreum mining:

  • Flockpool
  • Rplant
  • SuperNova
  • R-pool
  • Minafacil

We would highly recommend you guys to go with Flockpool as it’s quite simple and gets you the highest rewards.

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