8 Fun Base Building Games on Xbox Game Pass

8 Fun Base Building Games on Xbox Game Pass

The video games library is thriving for Xbox game pass as Microsoft is aggressively adding some of the very best games for Xbox & PC.
There is something for every kind of genre gamers could ever ask for in a huge library of games.

Games that are highly emphasized on base building or crafting are gaining a good amount of traction among gamers. In fact, survival games oriented toward base building and using creativity to come up with intriguing bases in games are something players expect in games nowadays.

With that being said, we are here with a list of some amazing base-building games available currently in the Xbox game pass.

1. 7 Days to Die

7 Days to Die

Firstly in our list, 7 days to die is a great game featuring an open-world apocalyptic environment filled up with zombies. Your objective is to survive through the lethal waves of zombies who would be attacking off your base.

Search for resources, hunt animals, craft various weapons such as turrets and traps, and build defensive walls to keep the undead off the bay.

Explore a vast area where you can almost interact with everything. Building a defensive base could be a bit challenging as the game takes some grind to grasp the overall experience.

2. Grounded


Imagine getting shrunk in your backyard with all the creepy insects and creatures? After being in the beta period for so long, the grounded final release looks stunning and more refined than ever.

The game is all about survival, hunting and exploration as you build off your shelter from scratch with leaves, bamboo and wood. As you explore through the dark underground caves filled with not-so-friendly ants, bugs and giant spiders.

Furthermore, you can hop on with your friends to play the game together in co-op. Build a defensive base by crafting weapons, tools, and armour to survive attacks from ant hordes.

3. Subnautica


Dive into the deep water of an alien planet and be surrounded by danger all the time. Explore the depths of underwater caves, coral reefs and plateaus to extract new resources and items.

The only way to survive in the vicious environment is to gather up essential resources and craft survival pieces of equipment.

Build a safe sea base around the map to preserve oxygen supplies, food and store your newly crafted vehicles.

4. No Man’s Sky

No Man's Sky

Embark your journey in a never-ending space exploration adventure which takes you through various planets and galaxies to traverse.

No man’s sky holds one of the largest map areas among video games covering over 18 quintillion planets.

Each planet is having different habitats and allows players to build a base for storage and containers by utilising the local resources every planet offers.

5. Astroneer

Astroneer xbox game pass

Another sandbox adventure space exploration game where players can implement their creativity to the next level.

While the game not only allows to you establish custom bases, the flexibility to shape and customize even the slight details in your base makes the game absolutely worth it if you are into base-building games.

It’s even better to play along with friends while thriving through various planets.

6. Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles xbox game pass

If you are a hardcore fan of survival games, Conan exiles should be on top of your list. Explore an enormous open world full of snow-capped mountains, forests and deserts.

Scavenge resources and craft weapons as you build your way through an entire city.
Set up defences, traps, elevators and walls around your kingdom.

The depth of creativity and flexibility of constructing your own home from scratch will surely keep you hooked up for hours without getting bored.

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7. Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark Survival Evolved

Stranded in a mysterious world of creatures and tribes who would either be hunting you down or treat you like their allies. Survive on your own by farming materials, taming dinosaurs, and building bases.

Beware, the game itself hold a slow learning curve which could take up hundreds of hours to build a base and be victorious in wars.

In the meantime, you will be meeting some of the craziest people on the server while exploring numerous species of dinosaurs or creatures you’ve never seen before.

8. State of Decay 2

 State of Decay 2

A post-apocalyptic game set in a city with sprawling zombies taking over the whole place. You need boundaries covered to protect the survivors from the deadly zombies.

Craft weapons and build a safe house for vehicles to hunt for supplies while reviving the lost civilization.\

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