4 Split-Screen Racing Games on Xbox Game Pass

Split Screen Racing Games on Xbox Game Pass

Nothing can beat the fun of playing racing games in split-screen mode with your friends & family. And if you have been playing video games since the 90s, especially the racing games on NES or PlayStation.

Then you could probably resonate with the nostalgic factor of playing racing games on split-screen mode. There’s literally a kaleidoscope of old memories attached that can never be replaced by any modern games.

Nevertheless, the racing games for PC and consoles are a dime in dozens with superior graphics and gameplay. However, most of the popular titles such as Forza Horizon or Need for Speed lack the split screen mode which ruins the fun part of playing in local coop mode.

And if you own an Xbox game pass for PC or Xbox, then luckily there are few racing games that support split-screen mode.

1. F1 2020

Formula 1 is the first thing that shoots up in everyone’s mind when it comes to car racing games. The game has everything to offer that you could ever ask from a racing game.

With accessibility to customize almost everything, the game lets you build your own primary driver alongside the choice of your engine brands and sponsors.

You can even select your favourite racers around the globe as your teammates to being your career.

F1 deserves all the love as they didn’t count down the split screen mode where you could enjoy racing with your friend on the same screen.

2. Dirt 5

Take your wheels for some off-road adventure as Dirt 5 shifts up your whole driving experience to the next level.

Race on the toughest terrains such as mountains, glaciers or forests while drifting your way around with sharp turns and perform acrobatic stunts.

Choose from a wide range of electrifying vehicles such as monster trucks or your desired customized cars from popular brands to thrive on the racetracks.

Moreover, the game supports split-screen mode for up to 4 players is quite surprising yet so fun to play with your friends for wild racing experience.

3. Moto GP 22

How about some motorbike sports? We can’t ignore the Moto GP series, known as the pioneers of the bike racing genre.

Needless to say, Moto GP 22 is the prime definition of a realistic motorbike racing game with over 12o professional riders and 20 official circuits to race on with your favourite bikes.

So, throttle down the gears and challenge your friend in a thrilling race on split-screen mode.

4. F1 2021

The addition of EA play with Xbox game pass with no additional cost is just a cherry on the top.

With the addition of its newest feature in F1 2021, the 2-player career mode lets you play the story with your friend in a local coop.

You can either race against your friend or play together as teammates to compete against other racers and progress your journey to become a world-class champion.

The gameplay feels ultra smooth with detailed car customization and gorgeous racetracks featuring various locations. No wonder why F1 always remains the top-tier sports racing title.

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