Legit Ways to Boost FPS in Valorant for Low-End PC

Ways to Boost FPS in Valorant for Low-End PC

A lot of players are facing FPS drop and lag during matches after the latest update of ACT 4.

The case is especially occurring on low-end PC and laptops. It’s way more daunting to play such competitive games like valorant in low FPS.

In this guide, we’ll be taking you through the steps on how to increase fps in valorant with some simple tweaks. Not only the setting will

How to Fix Low FPS in Valorant?

Therefore, we have figured out a few ways to optimize your game. These steps will assist you to deliver maximum FPS & performance boost in Valorant from your PC.

The following settings will take you through tweaking your windows configuration to in-game video settings. Make sure to keep your Nvidia drivers updated.

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Turn Off Background Apps

Let’s start with the basic windows configuration to optimize your gaming performance significantly for every PC.

Turning off background apps will help your PC to dedicate all the resources such as ram and processor solely to valorant.

This will result in minimal lag and consistent frames throughout the game for low-end PC and laptops.

How to disable backgound apps in windows
How to disable apps running in the background for Windows?

To turn off apps running in the background, Go to Search > Type Background Apps > Open Background apps. Right on top, turn off the option to let apps run in the background.

Enable Gaming Mode in Windows

Enabling gaming mode will optimize your OS for better gaming performance. By turning it on, windows can optimize the desired settings for valorant according to your system configuration.

Not just that, it will also prevent windows to show any notifications while playing games.

To enable Gaming Mode in windows, Go to search bar > type Game Mode > Open Game Mode settings > Turn on Game mode.

Enable Gaming Mode in Windows

After that, on the top right side, you’ll be able to see an option for Graphics Settings.

Open graphics setting and turn on Hardware-accelerated GPU scaling.

Below that, there will be another option for Graphics performance preference. Click on Browse and select the Valorant app. To navigate the valorant app choose the drive where you have installed the game.

Gaming mode settings in windows

Then go to Riot Games > Valorant > Live > Select Valorant. Once you have selected the valorant, click on options and set the graphics preference on high performance.

Gaming mode settings in windows

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Power Management

In order to squeeze out some extra power from your PC, you need to set your power plan on ultimate performance.

For that, Go to Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Power Options > Edit Power Options > Change advance power settings.

Set the plan from Balanced to Ultimate performance. This will enhance the graphic performance and gradually boost FPS in valorant.

Turn Off Startup Apps

Make sure to check the apps which are running on the windows startup.

Turn off all the necessary apps by going to the Startup Apps option in windows settings.

Don’t turn off Vanguard as it’s required to run Valorant. Apart from that, turn off all the other apps to run on the startup of Windows.

Change Resolution Scaling

If you have a low-end PC or laptop, then we would highly recommend following these valorant settings for low-end PC in order to attain maximum Framerates.

You must follow this change as changing resolution scaling can give you an enormous change of FPS in your game.

Go to Search > Search and Open Run > Type Appdata & Open > Local > Valorant > Saved > Config. Open the first folder and select windows.

Open Game User Settings and scroll down the text that opened up in Notepad. Lookout for Scalability Groups. Just below that, set ResolutionQuality to 50 instead of 100 by editing the text and save the file.

Change resolution in valorant

Right-click on the Game user settings, open properties > attributes > tick read-only > apply.

After this, your game performance and FPS are going to increase significantly as it will lower down the resolution of valorant.

In-Game Settings

For smoother and lag-free gameplay, you’ll have to set your graphics settings to the lowest. Follow these optimal settings for any low-end PC or laptop.

Go to settings in valorant > General > Other

  • Show Mature Content > Turn off
  • Show Corpses > Turn off
  • Show Blood > Turn off

Next up, go to the Graphics Quality section and copy down the settings shown in the image below:

Valorant Graphics settings for low end PC

Change System Properties Performance

Go to Search and Open Run. Type ” systempropertiesperformance.exe ” and hit enter.


From Visual effects, Set the performance to adjust to the best performance. It will squeeze out all the power from your PC while playing valorant.

Let us know if we have missed any other tweaks that helped you to boost your FPS in Valorant.

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