How to Auto Restart Mining Rig for Windows?

How to Auto Restart Mining Rig for Windows

In this blog, we’ll be sharing down the steps to set your crypto mining rig on auto-restart for windows. This is a common issue many miners have been facing and they aren’t aware of the solution. It’s possible to auto restart your mining rig even in windows.

The procedure is quite easy to set up and if you are using Nicehash then you can follow this link to power up a mining rig in Nicehash.

Steps to Power on Mining Rig for Windows

Firstly, you need to change few settings through the BIOS of your motherboard. To access your motherboard BIOS, restart the system and keep on pressing DEL or F2 key until your Bios screen appears.

Once the BIOS setting shows up:

  • Go to Advance Settings -> APM Configuration
  • Search for Restore AC Power loss and set AC Power Loss -> Power On
  • Save Changes and Exit
Auto Restart Mining Rig

Note ⚠️: The above image is the BIOS settings for ASUS motherboard. The steps are pretty much same for every motherboard. It’s just the terms which could be a bit different as you’ll just have to navigate the option for Power Management or AC power loss and turn it on.

After saving the settings and restarting the windows, you’ll have to set your mining software on autorestart. This applies for all the miners like Trex, Phoenix etc.

Setting up the Miner for Auto Restart

Open the folder of your miner. Choose the algorithm which you would like to run on every restart of your System.

Right Click on the application and Choose the option for Create a Shortcut.

Trex Miner

Copy the Shortcut and Go to windows search bar. Open the Run Application on your windows.

Type the following command ” Shell:startup”

Run Command

A folder will open up. Paste the copied shortcut on the empty folder. Now your system and miner is set to auto restart everytime after the power outrage.

One more important thing you need to configure is to set your Overclocking software run on startup of windows.

Most miners use MSI Afterburner to overclock the GPUs. To turn run on startup on, Open MSI afterburner Properties -> Tick on Start with windows.

MSI Afterburner settings

Make sure to save your overclocked settings in a profile. So, it can open the right overclock tweaks on startup.

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