How to Eject out Water from Iphone?

You can expel water from your iPhone by using a simple shortcut. There’s a lot of scenario’s where your iPhone accidentally drops down in the water. Therefore, Water Eject is perfect for this kind of situation whenever your iPhone gets in water contact.

How water eject really works? It throws up all the water out from both speakers of your iPhone to protect it from getting any serious damage.

How to Add or Download Water Eject Shortcut?

The shortcut is not available on apple’s official shortcuts library. Hence, you will have to download the water eject shortcut from the web. Click on the below link to add the shortcut to your iPhone.

Before that, you will have to allow your iPhone to start receiving shortcuts from external websites.

For that, Go to Settings > Shortcuts > Turn on ” Allow untrusted shortcuts”.

shortcuts for iphone

Here’s the link to download the water eject shortcut

How to Turn on Water Eject on iphone

  • Once the download will be done, go to the shortcuts app on your iPhone. Go to all shortcuts, you will be able to see the water eject shortcut.
How to Turn on Water Eject on iphone
  • Click on the details to add the shortcut on the home screen. Click on the option Add to Home Screen.
  • Now you can simply turn on the water eject from your home screen or you can also add the shortcut on your widgets sceen sidebar for quick access.

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