5 Great Sniper Games for Low-End PC

5 Great Sniper Games to Play on Low-End PC

Shooting games are always considered to be the most preferred genre for decades. There’s no doubt the genre itself has always been evolving immensely for modern video games.

Besides, shooter games completely dedicated to sniping gameplay hold a separate fan base for these kinds of games. Sniper games are among the most popular category within the shooter games genre.

Nonetheless, if you are looking to try out some sniper games on your old PC or laptop having low specs then you are at the right place. We have compiled a short list of sniper games for low-end PC or laptops.

Best you will be able to run these games easily without any graphic card. Just a ram anywhere from 2-4 GB and a processor as low as Intel Pentium dual core is enough to handle these games without any major lag.

1. Sniper Ghost Warrior

Sniper Ghost Warrior

What really makes a realistic sniper game are the elements that cover all the facets of bullet drop, AI behaviour, wind speed and real-time targets. And, Sniper Ghost Warrior ticks every aspect which is required for a precise sniping action.

Talking about the gameplay, the combat takes place in a modern era to take down the campsite of enemy soldiers. Make your way to high ground with stealth armoury and pieces of equipment.

Moreover, the game allows you to take various approaches while infiltrating the enemies either with one shot kill or causing multiple environmental distractions. Sniper Ghost Warrior 1 & 2 both are capable of running on any low-end PC smoothly.

Adding on, the linear story takes you through a mission where your objective is to capture a bad guy called Merinov. Definitely, a must-try game for low-end PC gamers.

Get your hands on the vintage rifles of world war 2 where your one shot can change the whole course of history in the game.

2. Sniper Elite 1

Sniper Elite 1

Sniper Elite series has reshaped the whole sniper games genre to the next level. The series itself sets up a huge benchmark for shooter games.

The very first instalment of Sniper Elite takes place in the cold war during World war 2. You play as a lone American sniper who’s working behind the covers to stop the army from taking control.

By no means the AI enemies in the game are quite hard to deal with despite the game being released back in 2005. Another way around, the game probably be considered a classic sniper elite game currently.

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3. Sniper Elite 2

Sniper Elite 2

Next up on our list, Sniper Elite 2 was a major upgrade from its predecessor as the whole shooting mechanism felt more realistic. From bullet drop, wind effect and sniping down targets while holding breath made the game look more practical than ever.

Not to mention, the most aesthetic feature sniper elite is famous for the X-ray kill cam which gives you a 360-degree view of bullets piercing through the body parts of enemies.

Sniper Elite 2 is foremost the best sniper game for low-end PC and Laptops in terms of overall gameplay.

4. Sniper Fury

Sniper Fury

Talking about free sniper games, there aren’t many options you’ll be left with as Sniper Fury is among the few games that are available for free on steam. Developed by Gameloft, the game elevates to a modern world where your straight-up objective is to demolish the enemy bases.

Multiplayer PVP battle is the actual fun part of the game as you can compete with other players in sniping battles. Join clans and evade other bases.

Honestly, the game doesn’t have much to offer and the storyline itself is quite dull. But a free game to try out with some sniping action is something you can hang up in this game.

5. Dragon Operation Flashpoint

Looking for something similar to Call of Duty and Battlefield? Then Dragon Operation Flashpoint could turn out to be an alternative for low-end computers.

A co-op campaign is something the game is widely known for as you have the option to choose a class of either a rifle, medic, support, or sniper.

The storyline is surely not comparable with any of the popular AAA titles but the shooting mechanics and overall feel of the game make it a pretty decent game to try.

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