Best Family Games on Amazon Fire TV stick

Best Family Games on Amazon Fire TV stick

Amazon’s very best multimedia device for streaming videos. music and apps is just a part of almost every other household. A USB size device capable of converting any ordinary TV into a full pack house of multimedia and entertainment.

Not to mention, users often ignore the fact that the Fire TV stick itself is a great platform to play video games. Since it’s based on android, firestick opens up a lot of avenues to try out some fantastic games to play right away.

Although, it’s not the optimal platform for hardcore gamers. However, for casual gaming, it offers a rich library of games to play. And gaming just adds another layer of fun when you are playing with your family or loved ones.

Therefore, we are up here with a short list of family games to play with family and friends on your very own Amazon Fire TV stick. The below-listed games are entirely family-friendly and easily available in-store.

Adding on, you can play with multiple family members at once as they all support local multiplayer mode, letting you play using Bluetooth controllers. Alternatively, you could also use your smartphone to use it as a controller to play.

1. Jackbox Party Games

Jackbox Party Games

Catch up with up to 8 family members and friends in classic word puzzle games. The jack box party pack comes with 5 completely different games such as Fibbage, Quiplash and Drawful.

The good thing is all the games hold entertaining concepts which ultimately makes them one of the best party games on Firestick.

All you need is a smartphone to play together with your siblings and friends. Additionally, every game is having E rating which means they are absolutely friendly for kids as well.

2. Beach Buggy

Beach Buggy

Talking about party video games, beach buggy is an absolute masterpiece when it comes to racing games. A simple yet so fun to play with unique cars and maps in a thrilling off-road adventure.

From small buggies to monster trucks, choose from over 32+ cars collection as each one of them has its own abilities and perks. Outrun your opponents by using various powerups throughout the course of exciting maps. Drifting around forests, beaches, and volcanos featuring dynamic racetracks.

Play with up to 4 players in a split-screen mode and challenge your siblings in a fast-paced racing adventure.

3. Flappy Birds Family

Flappy Birds Family

The evergreen Flappy birds is a must-try for groups or parties. Challenge your opponent in a classic race between birds where you need to dodge the big pipes and birds to avoid collision.

The local multiplayer and split-screen modes come in handy for multiple players to join at once. Just a single-button control and a simple game design make the game as easy as it gets for any age group to enjoy playing.

So, grab a remote or controller and challenge your friends to beat your high score.

4. Badlands


How about a soothing yet adventurous journey through a dark forest? Then Badlands should be your first game to get your hands on an epic story.

Get along with another player and rift together through traps and obstacles hovering around everywhere in the forest. The game itself has its own unique way of storytelling along with some really gorgeous visuals and an astonishing atmosphere.

There’s no doubt why the game won the game of the year award for its truly innovative gameplay.

5. Bomb Squad

Bomb Squad

Make it out alive in free for all arcade-style battle among your family and friends. Jump around, throw off your opponents or target them with bombs precisely.

Up to 8 players can join a single match having interesting game modes to keep the party going.

Players can additionally use their mobile phones as a remote controller. The couch co-op mode is a must-try for every household having the Fire TV.

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