Optimal Settings for APEX LEGENDS Mobile

We can’t miss out on Apex legends while talking about battle royale games. Obviously, Apex legends have conquered a prime position in the first-person shooter genre with a huge player base.

Recently, Apex legends made their way to mobile users including both android and IOS. For gamers who haven’t played any Apex legends or FPS battle royale games on PC before are surely having a hard time adapting all the controls.

Hence, we’ve come up with the best in-game settings for Apex legends to maximize your gameplay efficiency and overall experience.

Firstly, make sure to select the Advanced Setup from the settings to be able to make the necessary changes.

HUD Settings for 4-finger Claw

Start off with setting up the HUD layout according to your playstyle. Many players especially from games like BGMI are comfortable playing on a 4-finger setup.

However, it’s totally upon the player’s preference whether one should go for a 2-finger or 4-finger claw. Below is a HUD layout for a 4-finger claw setup:

HUD Settings for Apex legends


Left Fire ButtonOFF
One Tap ADS and FireOFF
Bolt Action SniperTap to Fire
Semi-Auto Shotgun Tap to Fire
ADS Button Rotates CameraON
Aim AssistON
TPP OpticClassic
Auto-Open DoorsOFF
Auto Open ChestsON
Weapon Auto CycleON
Continuous ThrowingON
Tactical AbilityClassic
Allow Squadmate Control ON

The above settings will definitely give you more control over your aim as turning auto-firing OFF will help you to shoot enemies more accurately.

Moreover, auto-opening doors may seem to be an easy way out. However, that’s not the whole part of the story.

There are certain situations where you could be healing up right behind a door during a gunfight and the doors would act as a shield. Therefore, we highly recommend turning OFF the auto-open doors.


Crouching ControlsTap
Slide Jump ControlEasy
Crouch Button to Rotate CameraON
Jump Button to Rotate CameraON


Climbing Control ModeClassic
Climbing PromptON


Coming up to the most important segment, the settings largely depends upon what mobile device you are using. Below settings can are majorly followed by med-high end mobile devices.


Graphics QualityHD
Frame RateUltra
Adaptive SmoothingON
Display FPSOFF
Graphic StyleRealistic

Make sure to emphasize more on the frame rates over graphics quality because more FPS would eventually result in a better gaming experience.

Switch FPP OR TPP FOV to the maximum as it will allow you to have a broader perspective of your surroundings on the map.

Consider keeping all the advanced settings under display completely OFF for low- mid end devices as they can consume resources which could bottleneck your Frame rates.


Dynamic ShadowsOFF
Refraction QualityOFF

Lastly, the controls and sensitivity part is something that would vary from player to player. Test out shifting sensitivity until you find the most suitable to play.

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